Fungible DPU
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Entry Description
Fungible DPU is a new class of microprocessor powering next generation data center infrastructure. Optimized for data interchange and data-centric computations, the Fungible DPU is designed to improve the performance, economics, reliability, and security of data centers built on scale-out principles, and to do so at scales from a few racks to many thousands of racks, all within a single building.

Recognized as the third socket in data centers alongside the CPU and GPU, the Fungible DPU is in prime position to power next generation compute, network, storage, security and analytics platforms.

The Fungible DPU delivers game-changing performance, footprint and cost efficiencies for next generation, scale-out networking, storage, security and analytics platforms.

Fungible is the category leader for high performance specialized silicon for storage servers. All the innovations out there are software innovations (running on x86 servers) whereas we have both the software and hardware innovation.

One of the key network transformation technologies enabled by the Fungible DPU is TrueFabric. TrueFabric is an open standards based network technology that enables the disaggregation of compute and storage resources at all scales.

TrueFabric provides a set of eight essential properties. These are scalability across many orders of magnitude, full any-to-any cross-sectional bandwidth, low predictable latency, fairness, congestion avoidance, fault tolerance, end-to-end software defined security, and the use of open standards to deliver excellent economics.

No existing technology provides all these properties in a single implementation. TrueFabric therefore opens the door to a single universal data center network that can be used for all networking tasks within a data center. This maximizes the value of the network and enables a truly general and powerful computing infrastructure.

Another aspect that sets the Fungible DPU apart is it has both performance and flexibility. This is due to a clean slate approach in designing the Fungible DPU. Unlike Smart NICs (which may have performance) which are limited flexibility in the datapath.

The Fungible DPU comprises two core innovations that are tightly interwoven:

First is a programmable data-path engine that executes data-centric computations at extremely high speeds, while providing flexibility comparable to general-purpose CPUs. The engine is programmed in C using industry standard tool chains and is designed to execute many data-path computations concurrently. This unique innovation enables the Fungible DPU to be fully customized to address the most stringent high-performance requirements visible today.

Second is a new network engine that implements the endpoint of a high-performance TrueFabric that provides deterministic low latency, full cross-section bandwidth, congestion and error control, and high security at any scale (from 100s to 100,000s of nodes). The TrueFabric protocol is fully standards compliant and interoperable with TCP/IP over Ethernet, ensuring that the data center leaf-spine network can be built with standard Ethernet switches and standard electro-optics and fiber infrastructure.
network can be built with standard Ethernet switches and standard electro-optics and fiber infrastructure.

Fungible also provides a full suite of software that enables the Fungible DPU and the products it powers to be used “out of the box”. This includes data-path stacks, host drivers and agents for x86, and a set of centralized cluster services that provides management, control and visibility of a large number of Fungible DPU-enabled products.

Fungible DPU Enables End-to-End Storage Benefits

Improved performance
Fewer x86 cycles consumed with storage virtualization
improved tail latency with True Fabric
Enables diskless servers (remote boot) & bare metal services
End-to-end compression to save network bandwidth
End-to-end encryption
Pool local and remote drives
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