iboss Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
iboss redefines the cybersecurity landscape with its cutting-edge technology and unique patented containerized cloud architecture to ensure a smoother and more seamless transition to the cloud than any other security vendor. Built 100% for the cloud, iboss delivers Network Security as a Service, in the cloud, to ensure all Internet traffic is secured for compliance, web filtering, malware defense and data loss at all times. Because of containerization, iboss cloud changes the way cloud security is delivered, allowing organizations to migrate from traditional network security appliances to security delivered in the cloud. With mobility, cloud application use and bandwidth use exponentially increasing by the day, using traditional means to secure cloud connectivity with appliances is ineffective as the traditional network perimeter has eroded. The iboss platform is critical to ensure fast and secure connections to cloud applications and enable cloud adoption in a secure and scalable way. iboss cloud secures user Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud making the cloud-first future a reality.
Proxy appliances were not designed for the modern, cloud-driven, world. They were designed to protect network traffic for users within offices, yet those users are working from home. They were designed to handle a predefined amount of network traffic, yet the volume of traffic is increasing exponentially by the day. Network proxy appliances were designed to decrypt and inspect limited amounts of encrypted HTTPS traffic. However, over 99% of all browsing time is over encrypted HTTPS connections according to the Google HTTPS Transparency Report. Proxy appliances were not designed for the cloud driven and mobile world. iboss ensures you get all of the network security capabilities found in proxy appliances, without the appliances and at infinite scale. This reduces infrastructure costs, reduces labor and is designed for the work from home and mobile future.

With Covid, users are not sitting behind the proxy appliances. They are working remotely, from home. If the network traffic does not traverse the appliances, it cannot inspect or protect that data. Because of this, organizations leveraging on-prem proxy appliances are forced to send network data from remote users through slow VPN connections to provide network security. This is unsustainable and results in slow connections which reduces productivity and increases costs. The iboss cloud platform provides all of the capabilities found in traditional appliances, except without the gear. It allows network data from remote users to be secured directly in the cloud, eliminating the unnecessary data backhaul through VPN connections. This results in fast connections, increased end-user productivity and reduced costs.
The iboss cloud runs as a complete SaaS offering in the cloud. It has infinite computing power to decrypt any volume of traffic. As encrypted traffic increases, your costs do not as iboss will process, decrypt and inspect all traffic automatically. This includes the large volumes of traffic from remote work from home users.
With iboss cloud, all network traffic is always inspected before going to the cloud, regardless of user location. It can also generate the log events and drill down reports needed to ensure a strong cybersecurity posture for all users, from all locations, at all times. In addition, the iboss cloud can force network traffic to business applications while preventing traffic to personal cloud accounts, such as Google Drive. This reduces shadow IT and data loss from users, including those that work from home.

When moving to a cloud-based gateway platform, typically the ability to maintain unique source IP presence in the cloud is lost. With iboss, each customer gets dedicated source cloud IP Addresses which are associated with the organization. Any data traversing the global cloud gateways in iboss cloud will have a uniquely associated IP Address that can be mapped to the organization. Users always appear to be accessing the Internet from within the organization regardless of location.
The iboss cloud platform offers a 100% drop in replacement for proxy appliances converting a data center from simply hosting legacy proxy appliances to becoming a private cloud Point of Presence. The private cloud is linked to the global iboss cloud and immediately converts appliances to a modern private cloud extension of the iboss cloud global footprint. In addition, since the private cloud is linked to the global iboss cloud footprint, all users outside of the private cloud network automatically send their traffic to iboss cloud. When the time comes, the private cloud is turned down and nothing changes for the organization as the private cloud was seen as just another data center within the global iboss cloud footprint. This is only possible due to the patented containerized architecture of iboss.
The largest organizations of the world have quickly migrated to iboss for cloud security as part of their cloud transformation strategy. Moving to iboss has made employees more productive, as faster access to cloud applications and collaboration tools by applying security in the cloud have allowed users to collaborate with speed and ease. Secure cloud connectivity is critical for cloud transformation and iboss makes this possible ensuring cloud adoption and acceleration is available to customers of all sizes.
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