Curvature's Remote Hands, NetSure Hardware Maintenance, and Auditing solutions provided in global settings exemplify Curvature's Excellence in Service capabilities:
Excellence in Service Award
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3 Examples of Curvature Delivering World-Class IT Service:

Curvature is the world leader in independent IT support, products and services, transforming how companies deal with multi-vendor, multinational networks and data centres, to promote efficiencies. As a strategic partner with more than 15,000 organisations globally, Curvature is trusted to deliver premium services that cut reduce costs and enhances the user experience of IT. Three recent examples of excellent IT service delivery are detailed below.
Curvature has helped a rapidly growing, major global bio-pharmaceutical, to reroute network asset budget into digital innovation that in the year of COVID, has kept essential research flowing. The biopharma being detailed started the relationship with Curvature with a complete networking infrastructure assessment, the output of which allowed them to quickly seize upon the opportunity to boost performance across devices; identifying cost savings and EOL equipment that would be better served with support from Curvature’s NetSure, their network hardware maintenance solution. Now fully equipped with a customised network blueprint, the biopharma was able to deploy a hybrid maintenance and support strategy, blending Curvature support with manufacturer support. On a daily basis, the biopharma streamlined operations through Curvature’s maintenance concierge, giving a single point of contact, regardless of service provider. Six vendors platforms were consolidated, lowering admin costs. The biopharma also used Curvature’s Remote Hands service to dispatch highly trained Curvature engineers to locations around the world, providing critical assistance as further M&A have occurred and a ‘transparent extension’ to the pharma’s internal IT team. Overall, through the service partnership with Curvature, the biopharma has supported growth and saved 50% in network hardware maintenance and support costs.
Elsewhere, Curvature has continued to provide Excellence in IT Service through helping a global IT Security services organisation reach its goal of moving thousands of users and 25 data centres into an outsourced cloud supported model in 2020. In short, the company - with major centres in the Netherlands, UK and the US - wanted to simplify operations, leveraging local engineers from Curvature who were already familiar with the IT Security company’sies’ hardware platforms across data centres and provide a single central itemised invoice each month. For an improved user experience, the company used Curvature’s Remote Hands service to achieve accurate support ticket logging; highlighting where break fix maintenance was required vs professional services.
Lastly, the largest finance technology provider in the world used Curvature to achieve complete asset auditing, our final example of Excellence in Service. The company, who employees over 50,000 people in 130 countries, requested help from Curvature to deliver detailed Assessment Services for over 34,000 IT assets globally and within a week. That’s a logistically challenged objective to deliver under any circumstance! Add to that, the organisations’ requirement to keep the audit under a total a veil of complete secrecy for independence to satisfy external government auditors. Speed, accuracy and internal co-operation were essential, with audits occurring inside working hours, alongside IT, and actually completed within 5 days. Reliability and the usage of proven methodologies were key factors of success.
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