Delivering a Secure Connected Digital Experience During a Crisis
Tata Communications
Remote Working Project of the Year
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In only four weeks, Tata Communications transformed its standalone products into a cohesive digital solution that enables customers to pivot their businesses and rapidly make the move to remote working.

Tata Communications launched its Secure Connected Digital Experience (SCDx) platform to give EMEA enterprises a holistic and secure way to adopt new digital working models while providing optimised application experience for end users. Its mission was to enable enterprise customers to compete in the post-COVID world and focus on business success, instead of just business continuity.

Lockdowns and quarantines associated with COVID-19 have created a new business landscape that requires new applications, services and tools to ensure the entire value chain can stay up and running and serve changing demands.

A recent report from McKinsey estimates that the pandemic ushered in the equivalent of a five-year leap in digital adoption, in just eight weeks. At Tata Communications, we recognised that our enterprise customers needed to urgently rethink their digital strategies and transform themselves to prosper in this digital-first ecosystem.

The SCDx platform harnesses the power of collaboration tools, virtual desktop interfaces, omni-channel eCommerce, contact centre solutions, agile networking and zero-trust security. It has helped our customers to re-prioritise how they serve their end users and support their business in a challenging time.

With two focus areas, our SCDx platform helps to support enterprise customers and enable them to continue to serve customers and grow during the pandemic. This helps them to accelerate their digital transformation, minimise disruption and maximise security.

Digital Customer Experience Platform

The pandemic brought about new norms of social distancing, no-touch interactions and rich virtual experiences. Enterprises needed to offer end users low or no touch omni-channel experiences and roll out a suite of communications solutions to engage customers across mobile apps, voice calls, social media and the web.

Our platform offers all this in a single secure platform and enables enterprises to gain intelligence and automated customer support services for agile issue resolution and enhanced customer experience (CX).

• WFO - Enables contact centre agents to be optimally trained, monitored, evaluated and rewarded, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the agent.

• Intelligent Routing - Enables customer calls to be routed to the most preferred agent, by gauging the preferences of the customer and the skill set of your agents.

• WebRTC - Enables communication within the website and mobile application, integrating click to call feature, engagement in video calls and screen sharing.

• Agent Assist - This helps with intent detection and call resolution support through automated chatbots, screen pop-ups during a live call.

• Speech Recognition - Enabling specific actions on identifying spoken words or phrases in a conversation which can be customised according to business needs.

• Mobile App - Provides mobile application integration via third-party APIs, enabling omni-channel experience.

• Smart Dialer and SMS - Enables smart dialer that leads to a quicker turn-around by the agents thus leading to enhanced productivity.

We enabled our customers to provide secure omni-channel experiences all while working remotely. SCDx removed the barriers to delivering exceptional CX during the pandemic.

“Tata Communications offered the extreme agility and speed of execution we needed, working on-the-fly to deliver projects within 24 hours in some cases. The solution is supported from the Tata Communications service centre 24/7.”

Spokesperson, global IT and business consultancy company

Secure Connected Digital Workplace

The pandemic disrupted businesses and corporate ICT was fragmented with inconsistent access to networking solutions and hardware. An immediate solution was required for user experience and collaboration.

The project was led by our leadership team, who are directly involved in service delivery, customer service, operations and marketing. They took a consultative approach when designing, deploying and managing the right mix of solutions for connectivity, security and collaboration.

It was with the full support of our leadership team that within a matter of weeks, we were able to develop and deliver our Secure Connected Digital Experience (SCDx) platform, so our customers could digitally transform their business operations with agility, flexibility and ease.

Through combining ultra-secure networking, secure internet gateway solutions, global VPNs and cloud applications, it gives enterprises a Secure Connected Digital Workplace that can focus on business success and not just continuity. We seamlessly combined these services and capabilities into a single seamless platform:

• NetFoundry – High-performance access to remote users connecting to public/private cloud applications over the internet with military-grade security on any broadband connectivity

• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Remote access to cloud applications on Microsoft Azure and AWS, with rapid provisioning of VDI Services with few deployment and management complexities

• Cisco and Microsoft UCaaS solutions – Fully managed collaboration services based on Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Teams. With Tata Communications global connectivity, voice network and lifecycle management, remote users can seamlessly collaborate with employees and partners

• Global VPN – Ensuring employees gain seamless access to the enterprise network. Flexibility to upgrade internet and MPLS bandwidth at the data centre and VPN gateways for accessing private applications that are only available to a business unit. This was critical as customer were struggling to identify their b/w need and needed an agile and flexible solution to scale up with their evolving need.

• Secure Internet Gateway Solutions (SIGS) – Provides employees with secure access to applications and data residing in the enterprise data centre. The SIGS solution will help inject internet traffic into the MPLS network and reduce the load from the user firewall/concentrator, ensuring security and compliance for users working remotely. Compliance and security are vulnerable components during a pandemic it needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

We delivered a unified approach to securing and optimising applications and services so that our customers could not just survive but thrive during the pandemic. We gave them the tools they need to be successful in a single platform.

“The outbreak of COVID and subsequent work from home imperatives have led to the requirement of a strong and reliable network. Tata Communications played a pivotal role in setting up a proactive business continuity plan to ensure we scaled our network connectivity in an agile manner without any bandwidth constraints. Moreover, I would like to acknowledge that the network availability during the crisis has been commendable. In one of a recent incident, the Tata Communications team proactively highlighted temperature issues with one of our MUX devices for two locations. Despite lockdown, they immediately sent a field engineer to ensure services are restored within no time. They leave no stone unturned to delight us. They have helped us set up a solid foundation upon which we run our network.”

Pramod Maharana, IT Manager, Atos Syntel

"Thank you so much to everyone on the team for getting our latest project completed, I know how much time and effort you all invested to not only get the project done prior to the deadline, but to ensure the client was satisfied with every step of the process, despite the challenging atmosphere in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I appreciate the cooperative spirit and the attention to detail that enabled us to streamline the entire process in order to achieve success and to meet our goals."

Spokesperson, Tier 1 Global Telecoms Operator

We allocated an investment of $3 million to commercialise our project. We’ve reshaped our suite of solutions, enabled 98% of our workforce to work from home within two weeks, and upgraded the capacity of our network to cope with demand caused by the pandemic.

The return on investment can be seen through the 650+ orders we’ve received and delivered to customers, corresponding to 1.35 Tbps of additional bandwidth, 30% increase in internet traffic, and a 23% quarter on quarter increase in IP traffic on our network.

Our digital transformation project has allowed us to gain 100+ new enrolments in our customer reference program, with a total of 500+ strong advocates and 40+ reviews added post-pandemic on analyst platforms like Gartner Peer Insights. As a result, 70% of customers being willing to refer us to other businesses. This is also evident of our year on year double digit increase in our NPS®**, which consistently puts us in the top quartile for customer service within the telecommunication industry.

We have enabled customers to change how they operate almost overnight, with an ultra-secure environment and a reliable global platform.

How does the product or process break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Tata Communications has been supporting enterprises to deploy relevant solutions in record time; in many cases, delivering changes and upgrades in less than six hours. Tata Communications has enabled tens of thousands of employees globally for remote working across more than 150 organisations.

Tata Communications has been evolving how it serves its enterprise customers for more than 30 years. Our belief in continual transformation enabled us to pivot to serve changing enterprise demands in only weeks after the pandemic hit. We have consistently invested in agile solutions that can be shaped to meet the needs of a changing channel environment.

We accelerated our planned network expansion and transformation of our internal systems to give enterprises new levels of support. Enterprises benefited from our network upgrades that enabled them to manage surging bandwidth usage, and we reshaped our solutions set to support rapid digital transformation and SCDx.

SDCx was not designed to just solve the challenges facing customers in 2020. It has been designed to be a long-term solution that enables businesses to embrace fluid and distributed working environments beyond the pandemic. At the same time, it prepares businesses for the next unexpected event and ensures that they have the security and infrastructure in place to rapidly adapt and pivot their operations seamlessly and overnight.

COVID-19 has acted like a Proof of Concept (PoC) for remote working and now we expect many businesses in EMEA to support remote working and go agile even when the pandemic is over. We’re ready to support that.

Customer Benefits of SDCx include:

• A single seamless platform with security, networking, communications services and applications available with one user experience

• Re-opening for a safe and contactless workforce

• Secure application access & performance

• Remote collaboration and CX command centre

• Digital-first, secure collaboration experiences

• Safe, seamless and connected applications

• Digital retail experiences augmented with audio and video

• On-demand scalable private networks over public internet

• Zero-trust access to enterprise cloud applications over the internet

• Safe and secure contactless workforce

• Secure video-enabled collaboration and commerce

• Omni-channel digital experience across all touch-points

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