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Storage Hardware Innovation of the Year
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Organisations are facing huge challenges on their workloads: the need for real-time insights, wide performance requirements, analytics and AI needs, throughput hungry applications and increasing ransomware attacks with stringent recovery SLAs. With cloud gaining increasing popularity, there is also a demand for cloud-like ease of use and flexibility in how hardware and services are consumed. Traditional platforms aren’t robust enough to handle these needs and they generally have enormous operational complexity.

To combat these diverse performance requirements, Pure Storage created FlashBlade(R) as the world's first unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage platform to address the most demanding workloads and facilitate customers’ digital transformation journeys. It is the only UFFO architecture in the industry, and it allows customers to scale out performance and capacity without scaling up complexity. It is designed to enable organisations to tackle their most challenging modern data requirements with simplicity, performance, and superior consolidation.

A UFFO storage platform remains modern over time, combining the best of traditional on-prem storage with a subscription to continuous innovation. Additionally, the rise of the cloud-like experience means that a UFFO platform must provide flexible consumption choices and satisfaction guarantees. Whereas legacy infrastructure incurs disruptive forklift upgrades, imposes a-la-carte licensing for individual enterprise features, and perpetuates the complexity of management and operations. These compromises cannot co-exist in a world with rapidly growing volumes of modern data, and an increased need for UFFO.

FlashBlade is an easy to manage single scalable platform that can deliver unparalleled multi-dimensional performance (up to 15GB/s bandwidth and 24M NFS IOPS), regardless of data type, size, or access pattern. It allows for ultimate agility and scalability, including UFFO capabilities with native multiprotocol support for both legacy file-based applications and modern cloud-native workloads, all whilst delivering 10x or greater savings in power, space and cooling costs.

In the three years since FlashBlade’s launch, Pure has delivered on a continuous commitment to innovation. On the software side, the release of 3.0 for FlashBlade in May 2020 delivered more robust functionality including replication. Based on customer feedback, Pure has addressed the biggest challenges across use cases including ransomware, modern data protection, modern analytics, artificial intelligence, and DevOps/application development.

Finally, with the unique Pure Evergreen(™) business model, organisations can ensure that their FlashBlade stays at the leading edge, with on-going software and hardware upgrades performed non-disruptively providing true investment protection.

One customer who has been using FlashBlade to help them stay ahead of the competition is Formula 1 team Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. As one of the most successful teams in recent F1 history, every possible step and action has to be taken in order to gain the crucial milliseconds needed to secure their leading position on the grid. In order to support their systems and to empower their race analytics, it was crucial that they had high performance storage that could meet the demands of their systems.

By switching to FlashBlade, the team has enjoyed blinding speed, unprecedented reliability and availability, and significant savings in operating costs. To name a few benefits, response times for key database queries were slashed by 95%, the time needed to open critical data files was cut by two-thirds, data center rack space was reduced by 68% and the overall time required to manage storage was lowered by over 90%.

Commenting on FlashBlade, Matt Harris, Head of IT at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport said: “The data we collect is extremely valuable and helps us maintain a competitive advantage in a short amount of time. IT’s pledge is to make that process as fast and reliable as possible. Pure Storage helps us deliver on that promise.”
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