Pure Storage
Storage Management Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Data is a core asset to any business; but not when it takes more time to manage and store than harness for innovation and business growth. This is where advanced, intelligent software management like Pure1 can help customers to get maximum value out of their data.

What makes Pure1 novel

Built on the mantra “simple is smart”, Pure1 is a truly AI-powered cloud-based data-storage management and support platform, which manages, automates, orchestrates and optimises data infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. Pure1 enables easy troubleshooting and effortless management, even for large-scale environments. Additionally, Pure1 enables automated infrastructure management, capacity planning, and troubleshooting. This means that organisations can now spend less time managing their IT infrastructure and more time innovating.

By making capacity and performance forecasting a reality, Pure1 eliminates guesswork. This means the IT team can accurately predict capacity and performance needs over time; even model workload consolidation and hardware upgrades. Forecasting from Pure1 is also more than simple linear regression, as it’s powered by the Pure1 Meta AI engine which is fed with genuine workload data, which enables modeling of upgrades, capacity scaling, and delivers the insights that can eliminate risk and drive efficiency in enterprises.

How Pure1 breaks with conventional ideas in the field

Pure1 breaks the datacenter norm by our “mobile first” approach, in line with facilitating an end-user consumer-led experience. This provides a centralised dashboard that gives businesses a holistic view of their data, no matter where it’s stored. It provides an overview of all snapshots and provides detailed status on all data protection including snapshots, periodic replication, continuous replication, and ActiveCluster. As Purity CloudSnap maximises the cloud’s potential for backup storage with intelligent and efficient data transfer to and from the cloud, Pure1 works in tandem to keep track of data across the hybrid cloud.

Pure1 serves as a single pane of glass across the infrastructure granting the ability to simplify, automate, and optimise virtual infrastructure across the stack.

As Pure1 is designed with mobile in mind, customers get alerts and notifications on their mobile device about issues that need attention. They can then create a quick support ticket or allow remote access for Pure Storage to take care of the issues - no need to make a special trip into the datacenter.

By focusing on making sure that customers have access to their alerts and cases on their phones, Pure1 provides peace of mind in knowing that the latest health and updates are available right in their pocket, allowing them to be a little less tied down.

How Pure1 goes beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists

What sets Pure1 apart from other storage management solutions is how it helps Virtual Machine Admins to quickly identify and solve problems across the entire infrastructure stack. With Pure1 VM Analytics, customers enjoy a dynamic, topological view of their infrastructure, from VM to Storage Array. Performance issues are instantly visible thanks to the rich interface overlaid with detailed performance metrics. As a result, it is easier to focus on direct solutions to problems as opposed to blind troubleshooting.

This feature delivers full stack analytics capabilities, offering a complete view of disks, VMs, data stores, volumes and arrays in the cloud and on-premises. Through this system, organisations can monitor latency, bandwidth and IOPS.

How customers benefit from Pure1

Pure1 makes storage management effortless, intelligent, and frustration-free. The platform was designed with customers front of mind, and the expanded capabilities of AI-driven global predictive intelligence gives customers storage that is completely self-driving that proactively identifies issues and solves problems before they occur. As Pure1 is a cloud-based SaaS platform, no additional Pure hardware or software installation is required by the customer to get started. Other benefits include:

- Customers get visibility of their file-system snapshots and replications (block, file and object) to assess their data protection environment across the fleet. This capability provides a global view of snapshot and replication policies, where they reside, and whether they are in compliance. Pure1 makes it extremely simple to monitor and access information for all Pure Storage arrays.
- The Pure1 cloud is continuously scanned for leading indicators for every known issue in an array, detecting and addressing problems with Pure arrays, often before our users even know, automatically generating and creating a support ticket, notifying the customer. Currently, more than 70% of Pure’s tickets are Purity and Pure1 generated, and a majority are addressed remotely before users even know of an issue.
- The self-driving functionality provides insights on how performance and capacity will grow, predict upgrade movements, and optimises resource utilisation.
This support and customer-centric focus is a key contributor to Pure’s NPS score of 82, extremely high for a technology company. Pure opens the majority of support cases, and so far Pure has resolved more than 500 Sev1 cases before they affected our customers.

Customer examples:
● About the company: A global provider of water management solutions based out of the United Arab Emirates. The company is dedicated to improving public health and enabling economic growth, from simple clean-water projects from desalination to industrial solutions that include hyper-pure water.
● With Pure1, Metito has been able to move to a more proactive management mode, ensuring there is no downtime due to capacity constraints or drop in availability of business-critical applications. The time saved on management is also allowing the team to focus on more innovative projects that can add tangible business value.
● Commenting on Pure1, Prashant Menon, Manager of IT Infrastructure and Support Services, Metito, said: “All the other vendors we considered offered legacy-storage technologies with flash add-on and did not have the required software component to manage it. With Pure1 we have access to a more advanced solution, the latest technology and we can view all performance metrics from a single dashboard. All at a predictable cost of ownership”

● About the company: The company provides a variety of professional services such as consulting, system development and business IT outsourcing. With business operations in more than 50 countries and regions, NTT has “benefited tremendously” from the Pure1 platform.
● “Pure1 is able to proactively identify issues based on our past activity, alert our team if a problem is detected, and resolve it before it occurs,” said Yuji Chigita, Senior Manager, Digital Business Solution Division, NTT DATA. “Self-driving storage puts us at ease knowing that any issues will be proactively resolved. Pure1’s AI-driven management also allows us to run simulations so that we can gauge when and if our arrays are low on capacity.”