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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
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Data is a business’s most valuable asset. Today more than ever, having consistent, real-time access to data is critical to success. According to an ESG survey, 71% of respondents identified the strategic role of data and effective storage strategies in delivering a competitive advantage1. This means that when systems go down, whether the result of user error, malicious cyber-attack or other causes, data needs to be recovered as quickly and safely as possible. However, most data protection architectures are optimised for backup, not recovery. The same design that optimises for data ingestion and space-efficiency creates significant drag on recovery speed, because data needs to be reconstructed after being widely dispersed through deduplication. Poor recovery performance exposes organisations to undue risk and can cost millions in unplanned downtime.

FlashBlade(R), Pure's unified fast file and object solution delivers simple, scalable and performant data protection, enabling organisations to modernise their backup and restore data at high speed and with scale.

FlashBlade possesses unparalleled recovery performance of up to 270 TB/hour, with a peak backup speed of 90 TB/hour, which is simply unmatched. FlashBlade also sustains performance, even as data volumes increase. Evidence of this is that competitors share backup and storage efficiency metrics publicly, but never share restore performance. This is because the average competitor cannot restore at over 20 TB/hour, let alone the 270 TB/hour offered by FlashBlade. Consider that a single database restore can easily take 10 hours, with many taking 24 hours, and this puts FlashBlade’s speed into context.

Additionally, ransomware attackers now target backup data as an organisation’s last line of defence, meaning that backups themselves now need to be protected. According to an ESG Report, 47% of organizations reported an increase in attempted cyber-attack since the COVID-19 quarantine when people started working from home.2 FlashBlade mitigates against ransomware attacks with an industry-unique combination of security, simplicity, and high speed restore, enabled by all-flash file and object storage and standout software features, such as SafeMode Snapshots. This feature means that snapshots are read-only, immutable, and prevent backups from being deleted even if IT credentials are compromised. These snapshots are automated and cannot be deleted or altered by customers or anyone with admin access, and can only be deleted after a pre-agreed ‘cool down’ time. What’s more, this feature is included at no charge.

These unique features combined make for the ultimate disaster recovery tool, which can sustain performance as data volumes increase, and integrates easily with backup software from Cohesity, Commvault, Veeam, and Veritas NetBackup and more for additional simplicity.

What’s more, Pure works tirelessly with partners to deliver the most innovative business continuity solutions possible to the market. Most recently in August 2020, releasing Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity. FlashRecover is the industry’s first modern, jointly-engineered solution designed to meet the most demanding business continuity requirements. The solution will be GA in the coming months, empowering organisations to future-proof data center investments and realize new levels of performance to meet growing petabyte-level recovery requirements by combining Cohesity DataProtect software with Pure’s unified fast file and object FlashBlade platform.

One customer who is using FlashBlade to successfully manage its disaster recovery is eMoney Advisor, a financial planning software application based in North America. As an organisation operating within financial services, it’s crucial that eMoney is able to provide a guaranteed level of uptime in order to honour its SLAs to its clients.

In 2017, the organisation noticed the trend of its backup and restore tests increasing due to expected data growth. However, the restore tests were proving not to be up to standard, and ensure rapid recovery in the event of a significant issue.

eMoney Advisor brought in FlashBlade to handle mission critical SQL backups in combination with Cohesity software and SafeMode snapshots, which would provide for multiple options for rapid restore / recovery. With FlashBlade now in place, database restore times are now well within the window needed to meet SLAs, and provide rapid recovery of critical systems and databases.

To combat the threat of downtime, maintain smooth business operations and recover in the event of an outage, businesses need a successful data backup and recovery strategy comprised of two critical elements that FlashBlade provides:

Firstly immutable, viable backups not affected by a cyber attack or outage, which can be used to safely restore systems and services.

Second, the ability to restore petabytes of data rapidly and at scale, in hours not days. Without this capability there is no limit to the reputational and financial damage a business could face due to downtime.

1ESG 2019 Data Storage Trends Survey
2ESG Research Report: Impact of COVID-19. June 2020
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