Hyve Managed Hosting
Hyve Managed Hosting
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What, exactly, is novel about the process/product or innovation?
In the past year, Hyve Managed Hosting has experienced a significant increase in the number of new customers. It has also expanded global operations, creating its own exchange network in South America.

How does the product or process break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?
One of the major innovations introduced in the past 12 months was Hyve’s Desktop as a Service solution, which powers remote working by offering access to an office-based IT infrastructure.

How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists? How do customers benefit from the product/process or innovation?
Hyve’s technology has allowed its customers to cope with the unprecedented demands of remote working prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. It is the UK’s leading independent managed hosting provider and is involved in exciting, innovative projects on a global scale.

Introduction to Hyve

Hyve Managed Hosting is a fully managed, UK-based, cloud hosting provider with a passion for technology. Utilising a small business ethos, Hyve focuses on providing the highest possible levels of tailor-made support and management, alongside unrivalled performance and reliability. Delivering an attentive, 24/7/365 service, Hyve is constantly empowering its team of experts to provide innovative cloud solutions for its wide range of customers.

Founded in 2001 by entrepreneurs Jon Lucas and Jake Madders, Hyve is based in Brighton, UK and has been delivering an extensive range of professional cloud services for nearly twenty years. Hyve is completely independent and self-funded, and the directors have consistently reinvested profits back into the company, enabling the impressive growth that Hyve has seen over recent years.

Over the past year, Hyve has seen a 17% increase in new customers and works with household brands such as the NHS, Caffe Nero and Anglia Ruskin University. It isn’t just in the UK that Hyve is attracting business. Its partnership with Equinix, one of the world’s pre-eminent data centre businesses, means its hosting, colocation and managed services are available in every continent, across 35 international locations. This means customers benefit from tier 3+ facilities around the globe that offer best-in-class connectivity, reliability, security and performance.

A year of expansion, growth and improved services

In the past year, Hyve has significantly expanded its South American presence in Bogota, Colombia, to accommodate one of its large media clients. The client had a need for astronomical bandwidth allowance; so much so that Telefonica, the biggest ISP in the continent, had to upgrade its own network capacity to cater for Hyve’s tremendous output.

With the notion of ISP peering seemingly redundant in Colombia, Hyve decided to create its own exchange network for South America. Hyve is now working with vendors across the continent to facilitate interconnection between the Americas.

Hyve’s strategic partnership with Equinix means that by the end of 2021, it will be able to offer further global data centre locations including Mumbai and Mexico. As part of a global expansion plan, Equinix is also currently developing 23 of its existing sites, enabling Hyve to provide carrier-neutral data centre spaces across 5 continents for its valued customers.

Supporting businesses through Covid-19

With Covid-19 sending everyone out of the office, Hyve has been proudly helping its customers stay online and remain fully operational during the global pandemic, regardless of where they are in the world, or what device they are using.

This year also saw the launch of Hyve’s Desktop-as-a-Service product; a remote working solution that has allowed customers to access their business desktops, emails, systems and applications from home, taking the headache out of running IT infrastructure in-house during such turbulent times.

Cloud specialists

The cloud market is extremely competitive and with the likes of global brands such as Amazon, Google and Rackspace offering a range of services, Hyve has found its own place in the market for success.

Hyve was the first UK cloud hosting provider to break conventions and set up a fully managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud within the UK, as well as having a network capacity that exceeds a terabit to ensure they can meet the varying demands of their customers.

The company virtualised and consolidated all of its clients onto a virtualised platform before cloud hosting was initially offered by other providers; this now enables Hyve to deliver high performance, reliability and scalability that outperforms the competition.

Cloud offerings

Hyve has a wide range of cloud service offerings, enabling customers with any requirements to find a suitable solution with the company. These offerings include the four main types of cloud: managed, private, public, and hybrid.

Managed cloud

Hyve’s fully managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud builds upon its performance and scaling capabilities by adding security, networking and platform/server management layers. It also offers a range of management services across the whole infrastructure stack, supporting businesses of all sizes.

Customers are allocated a personal Account Manager and a team of expert technical engineers to work on their account, who ensure that the solutions Hyve offers are effectively implemented and managed successfully. This prevents customers from getting stuck with automated call centres, and ensures a personal level of engagement at all times.

Private cloud

Hyve’s private cloud runs on hardware fully dedicated to each individual organisation, and the absence of shared resources ensures that customers have the highest level of security for their data. Customers also receive full control of every aspect of their servers, allowing for total jurisdiction over what and where data is stored. Hyve always offers round-the-clock support available for any customer who needs assistance, for added peace of mind.

Public cloud

Businesses can reduce the risks of adopting a public cloud service provider, such as AWS, Azure or Google, by working with Hyve to create a realistic deployment plan and to add the vital layer of continuous management that reassures customers that their data is in safe hands. Like with the private cloud offering, customers using Hyve’s public cloud services receive the same essential support whenever and however required. Unlike other public cloud offerings, Hyve’s customers have to go through an extensive vetting, checking and due diligence process before they can access the network, giving businesses complete cybersecurity reassurance.

Hybrid cloud

Hyve’s hybrid cloud offering is a flexible cloud hosting solution that can utilise a combination of on-premise, private cloud and managed cloud services that all work in tandem. Using only the fastest and most robust hardware available, this approach provides businesses with the security and control of a private cloud, and the flexibility and cost savings presented by the public cloud. Hyve is also able to offer industry-leading SLAs whilst making every aspect of the customer’s platform faster. Also, any legacy applications or localised data on-premises becomes part of the overall platform, allowing for optimum efficiency.

Going the extra mile

Unlike many other hosts, Hyve doesn’t pack shared servers with thousands of domains. Instead, Hyve ensures that each server has plenty of resources available for the number of domains hosted, meaning fewer domains per server and less risk of bottlenecks.

All of Hyve’s cloud services are built on HPE BladeSystems and HPE 3PAR tiered storage arrays, and running on VMware allows Hyve to offer High Availability on all virtual machines as standard, with a 99.999% SLA. All solutions are fully managed by Hyve and can be set up to run across multiple data centres for disaster recovery.

Hyve engineers become an extension of customers’ businesses. They are involved right up to the application layer, including performance tuning, database management and even source code support. Hyve’s ethos is built on going the extra mile.
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