Datto, Inc.
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Datto SIRIS is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution built specifically for managed service providers (MSPs) to help their clients continue to run their business in the wake of a downtime event (e.g., ransomware attack, natural disaster, system failure, etc.) . Many small businesses never recover after a major downtime event and are forced to close. Datto created SIRIS to address this important issue. It enables MSPs to ensure their customer’s business is always on and fully resilient, with an all-in-one solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualisation and ransomware protection.

Datto SIRIS is an all-in-one BCDR solution that is intuitive to use with a high degree of automation and extremely reliable. With SIRIS, MSPs get local and cloud backup, restore, and failover from a single vendor - minimizing their risk, improving efficiency, and simplifying their business. Deployed with Datto’s state-of-the-art physical appliances, as a virtual appliance in the private or public cloud, or imaged onto existing hardware, SIRIS offers the most comprehensive BCDR functionality available to protect any physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure. It greatly improves the efficiency and scalability of an organisation’s business continuity strategy and eliminates any business downtime in the event of a system failure or cyberattack.

The solution’s extensive capabilities include resilient backup options, backup verification, rapid rollback for fast system restoration, failover (virtualisation) and proactive ransomware detection. All this is supported by Datto’s private cloud with locations worldwide, so businesses have full control over where their data resides.

Unique technology

Datto’s patented Inverse Chain technology, which leverages the snapshot and clone capabilities within an open source file system for efficient storage management, provides the most efficient backup and disaster recovery while supporting the greatest variety of recovery options.

With its commitment to continuous innovation, Datto also pioneered Screenshot Verification to give users the ability to automatically verify that backups will boot. This was followed by the introduction of Advanced Backup Verification which scans every backup to ensure it is free of ransomware, not corrupt, and includes all necessary data for successful recovery.

The result is a more efficient and resilient backup solution, a more affordable unified business continuity model, faster recovery, and a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that seamlessly extends to the Datto Cloud.

Ongoing innovation

Datto’s agile development process means updates to Datto SIRIS are released as required, as frequently as bi-weekly or monthly. Two major new features were introduced in the past 12 months:

SIRIS Agentless Backup can back up any virtual machine on the VMWare hypervisor. This gives customers the crucial capability to protect edge devices, such as IP telephony, that didn’t have an easy backup method in the past.

Integration with Datto Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM). This integration greatly improves efficiency by letting MSPs manage their customer’s entire BCDR deployments directly from Datto RMM - from deployment to ongoing monitoring and management through to recovery and restores. All critical information is centralised into one single dashboard, providing insight and full back-up status visibility and enabling the rapid, seamless recovery of business data and operations.

Plastic Surgeon – end user case study

More than 80,000 SIRIS devices have been deployed, protecting more than 260,000 servers worldwide. One company benefiting from SIRIS’ comprehensive data protection capabilities is Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s leading surface and restoration specialist. Implemented by full-service MSP Bluegrass, SIRIS securely backs up all of Plastic Surgeon’s business data into the private Datto Cloud.

This means Plastic Surgeon can immediately get its IT systems back up and running from the Datto Cloud in case of an outage caused by a server failure, power cut or ransomware attack. The company’s 250 employees and field staff have access to the customer and job data they need at all times: even in the case of a disaster such as a fire in the office building, they would never experience more than 20 minutes of downtime.

Since installing Datto SIRIS, Plastic Surgeon’s infrastructure has been fully protected and if needed, systems and data can be quickly and easily restored if needed. Working entirely in the background with no impact on existing infrastructure or processes, SIRIS completes incremental backups every hour for each of the customer’s ten virtual servers. It automatically verifies that the backups are complete, and that the data can be replicated within minutes from the cloud if required. Datto SIRIS also continuously monitors for ransomware, providing additional peace of mind and complete protection for all of Plastic Surgeon’s data.