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INFINITY IT Solutions was formed in 2009 by 3 Directors who had a shared belief that they could change the way that Professional IT Managed Services and Support could be delivered.

Their initial philosophy has never wavered, and they continue to push the barriers in terms of service delivery, customer satisfaction and performance. This has seen INFINITY become one of the fastest-growing service providers in the UK, supporting thousands of devices worldwide across a range of markets.

As the business has grown, the owners have introduced a middle-management layer to allow them to push on with accelerating growth. The Directors style has always been to enable their staff, giving each employee an opportunity to progress, learn new techniques and forge a career – resulting in high employee retention; each team member understands the business journey and has an appreciation towards the investments made into their careers.

We target businesses wishing to work on an entirely outsourced basis, delivering an all-encompassing IT offering to our clients; we are the IT Director, Strategist, Project Manager and Support deliverer. Ultimately it’s our job as a Professional Service Provider to offer sound advice to our clients - to do this we must stay abreast of the ever-changing nature of our industry and be able to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently.

Differentiating a business can be difficult in the services sector, that said we differentiate ourselves in two key ways; The time we take to respond to an incident, and our proactive care.

Industry standard response times for an IT service desk are an hour, INFINITY offer a guaranteed 30-minute response which is industry-leading. The average response time is 20 minutes for out-of-hours support, and during office hours is near-instant.

Our excellence as a business isn’t reserved solely for dealing with problems when they occur, but being able to pre-empt an issue and resolve it before it takes causes downtime. We don’t like surprises, “prevention is better than cure”.

Monitoring & Management has improved our clients experience by allowing us to monitor the health of our client’s devices remotely. Raising proactive alerts for a huge range of hardware, software and system errors. Through its workflow and automation features it allows us to routinely run administrative tasks and risk assessments, which ultimately avoids problems before they have an impact.

Our focus is to become a £10m turnover business, which we aim to succeed within 3 to 5 years.

The demand for professional, award-winning Managed IT services businesses has never been so high. IT will play a much more strategic role in companies, driving business results and creating business value through technology-based business innovation and digital initiatives.

With such substantial plans, both space and personnel are going to be a challenge and plans are already afoot to relocate to a new purpose-built premises in the next 12months at the same time as growing departments. We actually took the pandemic as a perfect opportunity to refurbish our office and make way for new recruits when it is safe to return.

This is our main short-term objective, which should support and enable us to reach our longer-term goal of becoming a £10m turnover business.

Despite challenging times for all businesses at present, we exceeded our annual sales target during Q3 and still see an extremely bright future for the business. Since April we have experienced 22x the usual amount of service desk tickets and have subsequently recruited a new team member, with another two recruits in the pipeline over the next month.

We’ve also played our part in the local community, offering free advice, knowledge and cloud readiness assessments free of charge. In addition we gave away Android tablets to children that needed them for home schooling during lockdown and raised over £1000 for The Childrens Society.

To be named Managed Services Provider of the Year at the SDC Awards would be phenomenal recognition for our business and stand testament to our core business values and culture that have been engrained and demonstrated across our whole team. Not only that, it would contribute towards our goals and further bolster our brand and reputation.

We provide consistent industry-leading service levels, we transform businesses, we have a fantastic company ethos and we truly believe we are the number one managed service provider, with the best team in the UK.

Website: https://www.infinityit-solutions.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/infinity-it-solutions/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinityitsol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iitl
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/INFINITYITSOL
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