Simplicity is underrated
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At Digital Cloud UK, we believe that customer service is everything.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves and our clients tell us that they choose us, because they haven’t found other providers investing in service like we do.

For us – simplicity is underrated.

We know that technology can be perceived as complex, often coupled with technical jargon and unbounded functionality. And trust us when we say, we know running a business can be all-consuming.

But we believe that technology can and should, simplify things. That’s why we do everything possible to take the pain out of tech for our SME clients. In a market that’s crowded and confusing – we maximise the value that they get out of their systems and streamline their business sales & management processes by building simple automation to their everyday tasks. But most importantly, we underpin all this with our service-led innovations, leading with the customer experience every step of the way.

Our unique customer service model ensures that service is built into every phase of our process, whether we’re delivering our Microsoft 365 or our CRM (Customer Relationship Management packages, providing stand-out service is what drives us.

Phase 1 - Discovery
Phase 2 - Development
Phase 3 - Delivery
Phase 4 - Evolution

We go above and beyond to ensure our clients get the most out of digital innovation:

• Free 30 minute digital innovation call for all of our prospects and clients
• Free 7 day product trial, with daily check-ins from their technical manager to field product questions, confusions or adaptations
• 2 hour discovery consultation for all of our clients
• 6 hours of free go-live support with their dedicated technical manager
• Post go live training onsite/online
• Daily on-call Whatsapp or Microsoft Teams support

That means that for every client - in total - we offer 12 hours of free service add-ons, that they can’t get with any other CRM provider. But more than that, it’s the reason we believe, our customers have become loyal connections and advocates of Digital Cloud UK and our team.

During the uncertain times we’re seeing clients facing in 2020, we’ve reacted by pivoting our costing model, as we know that reliable access to IT and rapid shifts in technology have been fundamental to business continuity and success. We now offer;

• A range of low-cost packages
• 6 and 12 month payment plans to help them spread the cost during these challenging times
• Quick turnaround times (for those that need it) with our quick-start packages

At Digital Cloud UK, we are clear that our values are driven by providing exceptional customer service. We never use technical jargon, and we pride ourselves on investing upfront in understanding our customers. This allows us to deliver technology that is tailored to their goals, in a language they’ll truly understand.

See our client testimonials which underpins our excellent service.

The outcomes are proof that our unique service approach is the tipping point of digital transformation in our clients’ businesses, allowing them to fulfil their potential…

And that couldn’t make us happier.
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