N2WS Backup & Recovery
Data Security/Compliance Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
As more enterprises in the cloud, data loss, outages and malicious attacks become inevitable vulnerabilities. Scaling data and varying requirements become complex, as is the need to meet compliance regulations and optimize costs. This breeds an environment too complicated for manual scripts. N2WS allows customers to 'set it and forget it'. They have effortlessly managed petabytes worth of data, saved themselves from attacks/outages/errors and managed storage costs, all because N2WS provides secure, rapid data recovery and easy management for all services all under one console.

N2WS greatly expands on crucial data lifecycle management with the ability to immediately archive to both Glacier/Deep Archive (previous versions provided S3 storage tier support). N2WS spins up an optimized 'worker instance' to cheaply and efficiently move snapshots to colder storage tiers. By automating complex data lifecycle management and easily saving on long-term storage costs (up to 90%) without sacrificing on latency, security and availability, enterprises save precious time and can quite literally 'forget' about their backup procedures. Customers can immediately and effortlessly store their data Archive to Glacier, archiving EBS snapshots from Amazon S3 to Glacier utilizing very cheap storage costs. Introduced in response to increasing compliance requirements, customers in many cases needed to retain backups for 7+ years. To avoid a crippling month-end cloud bill, customers can now use v3.0 to take frequent backups and immediately archive resources they won't need to access for months or years.

Compliance requirements also increasingly demand scheduled disaster recovery drills to confirm data is recoverable, highly available and appliciations are resilient in case of an outage, malicious attack or bug/error. Among many standouts, N2WS's primary win is that it was built specifically for AWS and is the most mature backup product with established customer satisfaction and proven scalability. N2WS adds capabilities based on customers' needs and provides a multitude of features which competitors lack such as support for ANY size AWS environment, multi-tenancy to help organizations manage multiple accounts, ANY type of recovery scenario and providing TRUE disaster recovery (both cross region/cross account).

N2WS' Recovery Scenarios allows users to perform ‘bulk’ recoveries to recover multiple machines at a moment’s notice, plus define the order of recovery targets. They can even set Dry Runs and be notified beforehand of any potential configuration issues giving users the opportunity to tweak parameters for optimal security.

N2WS vhas been dubbed the Next Generation Backup and Recovery for AWS due to the multitude of capabilities that provide empowerment for customers to take control of their data on AWS in a way that they have never been able before. Because of the N2WS's underlying mechanisms, managing a handful virtual machines is tantamount to managing complex backup schedules for thousands of AWS EC2 instances.
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