N2WS Backup & Recovery
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As more enterprises in the cloud, data loss, outages and malicious attacks become inevitable vulnerabilities. Scaling data and varying requirements become complex, as is the need to meet compliance regulations and optimize costs. This breeds an environment too complicated for manual scripts.

AWS has been the most experienced, reliable and compliant public cloud, as shown by their >40% market share and exponential growth since its inception in 2006. It's also well known that companies both large and small depend on 24/7 data access and a crucial need for a backup solution that can be accessed quickly and reliably. No matter what your vertical is, organisations need to be prepared for potential data breaches, ransomware, errors, bugs and weather-related disasters. The consequences can be dire and can be anything from shutting down entire airports for hours to a ransomware attack shutting down entire cities..

N2WS allows customers to 'set it and forget it'. They have effortlessly managed petabytes worth of data, saved themselves from attacks/outages/errors and managed storage costs, all because N2WS provides secure, rapid data recovery and easy management for all services all under one console.

N2WS leverages AWS-native snapshot technology to fully automate backup of Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, Redshift, Aurora, DynamoDB, EFS and S3. It has been the leading storage solution on the AWS Marketplace since 2012, providing very flexible backup scheduling and 1-click disaster recovery to restore a single file or entire environment in less than 30 seconds, across multiple regions and/or accounts. N2WS optimizes RTO/RPO, supports multi-tenancy for large, complex environments and enables customers to lifecycle EBS snapshots into Amazon S3 and/or Glacier for long term retention.

N2WS is installed as an AMI, running as an Amazon EC2 instance inside your AWS environment – thus all backups are native and non-proprietary and the user maintains complete data sovereignty and control within their own AWS account. The installation process is a simple launch of an instance and the entire process takes ~14 minutes, from which the user can then complete back up their ENTIRE AWS environment with a few clicks.

The new interface is intuitive and streamlined, providing a single pane of glass for all AWS services being currently backed up with cost transparency and without any need to toggle back and forth within the AWS console.

Finally, integration with alert services like AWS SNS easily pushes automatic daily summaries, raw reporting data and audit reports for ultimate transparency and peace of mind.

Among many standouts, N2WS's primary win is that it was built specifically for AWS and is the most mature backup product with established customer satisfaction and proven scalability. N2WS adds capabilities based on customers' needs and provides a multitude of features which competitors lack such as support for ANY size AWS environment, multi-tenancy to help organizations manage multiple accounts, ANY type of recovery scenario and providing TRUE disaster recovery (both cross region/cross account).

N2WS has the most history (over a decade) helping customers with their data lifecycle management and providing cost saving automation options that are not available elsewhere including: automated resource scheduling for lower compute cost, archiving to Amazon S3/Glacier for long term retention and the option to delete EBS snapshots after copying to cold storage tiers.

N2WS has been dubbed the Next Generation Backup and Recovery for AWS due to the multitude of capabilities that provide empowerment for customers to take control of their data on AWS in a way that they have never been able before. Because of the N2WS's underlying mechanisms, managing a handful virtual machines is tantamount to managing complex backup schedules for thousands of AWS EC2 instances.

Customers like DB Systel, for example, were using manual scripts to manage cloud storage for Deutsche Bahn, the 2nd largest global transport service in the world. They knew this process couldn't scale. With N2WS, they easily manage .5PB worth of data maintaining trust and preventing downtime for their billions of daily commuters.
N2WS emphasized solving the cloud waste problem plaguing many AWS customers. Gett Taxi has boasted >$100K annual savings by implementing Resource Control.
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