N2WS Backup & Recovery
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
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AWS has been the most experienced, reliable and compliant public cloud, as shown by their >40% market share and exponential growth since its inception in 2006. It's also well known that companies both large and small depend on 24/7 data access and a crucial need for a backup solution that can be accessed quickly and reliably. No matter what your vertical is, organisations need to be prepared for potential data breaches, ransomware, errors, bugs and weather-related disasters. The consequences can be dire and can be anything from shutting down entire airports for hours to a ransomware attack shutting down entire cities..

However the glaring problem enterprises were dealing with was their backup and Disaster Recovery drill processes. Often (the majority in fact) of companies are using manual scripts for backup. The know this process couldn't scale for such a large and complex environment. In addition, a single employee holds the knowledge of those scripts. What if that person is out sick, or on vacation? Other serious pain points like easily automating frequent and complex scheduling of backups, managing the cost implications of long term storage and ensuring your processes aren't vulnerable as multiple users manage backups were preventing many enterprises from being confident they could be back up and running if there was a failure.

For organizations running AWS workloads, this is where N2WS steps in, the creators of N2WS Backup & Disaster Recovery -- the leading storage solution on the AWS marketplace since 2012. N2WS automates backup and disaster recovery for enterprises and features very flexible backup scheduling, which ensures you are protected from outages, failures, and data losses. You can read over 90 5-star reviews from cloud innovators who are successfully using N2WS to secure their AWS workloads. N2WS is unmatched in the backup management advantages it brings to teams and solves a crucial need to optimize RTO/RPO, making it easy to ensure HIGH AVAILABILITY. Built specifically for AWS, N2WS gives enterprise teams the ability to back up data as often as needed, and recover it quickly (two clicks and under 1 minute you’re restored) with a GIANT recovery button, simplifying workloads, saving teams time and resources.

For enterprises on the cloud, scaling has never been easier, however managing backups for scaling data is becoming an increasing challenge. Instances for enterprises on the public cloud grow exponentially, storage tiers need to be analyzed and assessed, and a mix of development and production environments across multiple regions globally creates an environment too complicated for manual scripts. Existing tools can maybe manage for 1 AWS account and neglect cross-region or cross-account disaster, a crucial DR step. The reality is that enterprises are in need of resilient, scalable and secure data recovery in which they can recover quickly from an incident.
In addition, costs on the cloud are a growing problem. Most companies, particularly large enterprises are unknowingly pouring company assets down the drain. Wasted cloud spend is astronomical—forecasted to reach $21 billion/year by 2021. N2WS's recent releases have expanded on previous versions' cost saving/transparency features, namely N2WS "Lightswitch" enhancement enabling users to automatically start, stop, and hibernate groups of resources, thus saving on compute costs. N2WS also gives users the ability to archive backups to cheaper, longer term storage (Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier). Recent version also boasts a completely new user interface which keeps track of all future cost savings, as well as a Cost Explorer option which gives a transparent picture of past EBS snapshot costs and provides an interactive component to see how your costs have changed over time.

DB Systel UK is a recent case study. They are a division of major European rail company Deutsche Bahn. With thousands of routes and over 1,500 volumes across 700 servers, they needed an automated backup & recovery solution they could trust. “If our rail customers are unable to run their applications, they are unable to dispatch trains, and if they cannot dispatch trains, they will incur huge losses very quickly,” says Leanne Robinson, Principal Account Manager of DB Systel UK. They had been using manual scripts for backup and knew this process couldn't scale for such a large and complex environment. N2WS gave DB Systel UK confidence that they could handle .5PB of data, provide the need to restore a single file or a workload in just a few clicks, and provide auditing and reports for compliance objectives.
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