Asigra Deep MFA
Asigra, Inc.
Data Security/Compliance Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
With evolving infiltration and ransomware tactics threatening backup data, protection against cyberattacks has become critical. Asigra’s advanced security posture incorporating features such as AI-powered bidirectional malware prevention, backup immutability to name a few, now also includes Deep Multi-Factor Authentication, making it the most secure backup platform on the market. This form of app-centric MFA-enabled passwordless sign-in and process authentication is unique in the industry. Once logged in, administrators can configure an adaptive authentication scheme to control user sign in and task level assignment throughout the Asigra software stack to protect sensitive data at multiple levels and other mission critical areas without the use of a password. Combined with immutable retention, it prevents malware from deleting, modifying, or encrypting backup data from object storage during the immutable retention period.
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