Storage Hardware Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
- Technology Breakthrough
Convert from DAS to NAS and vice-versa with FileBoost for the first time, reducing hours of troublesome transferring and sharing time to just one-click.
- Investment Protection
Aggregate, share content and expand up to total 6 daisy chain on Pegasus3 and/or Pegasus32 to insure the best utilization of asset to Pegasus users, in addition, allow to be upgraded and adapted to fit future needs, e.g. 8K definition.
- No Compromising Performance
Embrace high performance Thunderbolt™ 3 DAS volume for collaborative workflow features on Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Flame, etc.
- Ease of Use
Plug and Play. Intuitive and simple PROMISE Utility Pro to simplify user and data administration, enables seamless transition and ease of use to end users.
- Data Protection is essential
WW most robust Promise RAID engine, stable and high performance. Easy backup to NAS and Cloud.
- Cost Effective
All-in-one storage to support Thunderbolt™ DAS/Ethernet NAS/Thunderbolt™ NAS. Thunderbolt™ -to-Ethernet networking connects shared asset storage to workstations. Scale up storage capacity with up to six JBOD expansion units on PegasusPro R16.
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