CyberSense: Detect, Diagnose and Recover from a Cyberattack
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CyberSense is the only product on the market that directly scans backup images and utilizes full-content analytics with a single pass to detect signs of a cyberattack. CyberSense assumes that endpoint security solutions are not 100% effective and checks the integrity of backup data. This allows CyberSense to detect all common attack vectors including encryption, data corruption, mass deletion, with 99.5% accuracy.
CyberSense checks the integrity of backup data using an automated process that is based on machine learning that will send an alert if data corruption is detected. If an attack does occur CyberSense provides forensic tools to diagnose and recover. This includes reports on files that were impacted so they can be replaced with the last known good version. CyberSense empowers organizations to recover quickly without paying ransoms or spending months in a clean room to find and restore the last good backups.
CyberSense integrates into organization’s existing data protection software including Dell EMC’s Networker and Avamar, IBM Spectrum Protect, Commvault and Veritas NetBackup. CyberSense is bundled with offerings including the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery product and IBM's Cyber Resiliency offering.
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