IPC and Cloud9 collaboration
IPC Systems
Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
In August 2019, IPC Systems and Cloud9 teamed up to create an award-winning advanced, open cloud trading solution for institutional investors. The pioneering, integrated cloud service unites Cloud9’s C9 Trader™ voice communications and analytics platform, IPC’s Unigy™ trading communications platform and the Connexus™ Cloud financial ecosystem, providing the global trading community with a unified solution for endpoint connectivity, mobility, advanced data analytics and business continuity planning.
For decades, institutional traders have been seeking a cloud solution that addresses their regulatory and compliance needs while streamlining their voice data capture capabilities in an increasingly fast-paced and digital environment. Through this collaboration, Cloud9 and IPC have not only addressed those long-standing customer needs but have also accelerated both companies’ abilities to provide cloud-based, mobile, compliant voice communication services to all of the world’s financial institutions.
Clients of both firms now have access to the largest worldwide communities of financial markets comprising top-tier buy-side and sell-side firms, inter-dealer brokers, trade life-cycle providers and other key market participants for a state-of-the-art platform of choice. They also benefit from end-to-end, multilingual, live, 24x7x365 global support as well as on-premises services across both traditional and cloud-based deployments.
For over 45 years, IPC has built one of the largest dedicated and secure communities of financial market participants and market-leading trading systems. IPC operates in 60+ countries and six continents with over 6,400 market participant locations.
Meanwhile, Cloud9 brings a sophisticated cloud-based trading platform that facilitates high-quality voice communications, analytics flexibility, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), seamless deployment, mobility and high availability. Cloud9’s platform is currently used by over 5,000 institutional traders across 40 countries, supporting over a million trader conversations daily.