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Software-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
How does the product break with conventional ideas in its field?

Run as a cloud-based service on the Red Sift platform with a server up-time of 99.98% over the last 12 months, OnDMARC is just one product in a suite of complementary cybersecurity solutions. With products built as software rather than on site-hardware installations, all solutions can be installed on any machine, anywhere, at any time, and are constantly updated and improved. Major feature updates are typically released at least every 2 months, with customer feedback and suggestions strongly influencing this time scale. The more minor front end tweaks and improvements are implemented into the OnDMARC dashboard almost weekly, allowing our customers to benefit from the latest technology and advancements.

This scalable and agile approach also ensures the most affordable solution for organisations regardless of company size - from small charities and SME’s to large multinational law firms and government bodies. Too often, the underlying issue with cybersecurity lies in the asymmetry in the cost to attack vs cost to defend. The best estimate suggests it is 400 times cheaper to launch a cyber attack than it is to defend against one. Through our tiered pricing based on the number of domains rather than the size of a company, combined with discounts for charities and sole traders, OnDMARC remains competitively priced and available for everyone.
What exactly is novel about the product?

How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists?

Constantly striving to help make cybersecurity accessible for all, Red Sift recently released a free version of their Investigate tool, allowing anyone to check the status of their DMARC, DKIM, SPF, FCrDNS and TLS configurations, and share the results before starting a free trial. For example, CMA Law, a medium sized legal practice in cooperation with DLA Piper, used the in-app Investigate tool to make changes to their email configuration. With results shown instantly rather than having to wait the usual 24 hours, alongside checklists and next steps, security administrators were able to fast track their email security from ‘reporting only’ DMARC status to ‘quarantine’ in just one week. Further use of the tool helped them identify and treat 5,677 unauthorised emails in just 30 days.

Integrated with machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence, OnDMARC allows customers to analyse and process millions of data points, whilst delivering easily comprehensible insight straight to the user. Businesses often use a selection of third party cloud services to send emails on their behalf, but with a limit of 10 SPF lookups per domain, they are at risk of exceeding this quickly and negatively affecting email deliverability rates. Our innovative Dynamic SPF feature allowed Solairus Aviation, a small private aviation service, to combine their 10+ services into a single include and overcome the limitation. Furthermore, because this feature automatically updates and is run on a highly available, geo-distributed and redundant infrastructure independent of OnDMARC, Solairus Aviation can be sure that their SPF is always correctly validated. In line with our mission to democratise cybersecurity, this unique feature is available on all our pricing plans.

OnDMARC’s Threat Intelligence feed automatically identifies IPs sending on a company’s domains by checking them against SPAM blacklists and exploits. By identifying senders with a low reputation score, potential threats can be blocked automatically, speeding up the journey to full DMARC compliance and simplifying the user experience.

OnDMARC is the only ISO27001:2013 accredited DMARC solution on the market, ensuring we meet the highest external security standards. Teamed with international accreditation such as G-Cloud 12, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Cyber Essentials and official suppliers to the Crown Commercial Service and General Services Administration (GSA), we’ve built the most robust solution available.

How do customers benefit from the product?

OnDMARC provides businesses with invaluable protection against phishing attacks that are more costly than ever due to an increase in home working as a result of Coronavirus. Often, the underlying issue with cybersecurity lies in the asymmetrical costs, with the best estimate suggesting it is 400 times cheaper to launch a cyber attack than it is to defend against one. Red Sift helps combat this issue and change the economics of this model, enabling organisations to defend themselves.
For example, a high profile bank may have 5 million emails sent from a spoofed domain in a single attack, 50,000 of which will be opened. If 50 people click on the malicious link and enter credentials, it could cost the bank an average of £5,000 per victim with added helpdesk and remediation costs. If OnDMARC is deployed at an initial cost of £200,000, once at reject the bank would save 281% on internal savings (around £561,000) and make back their ROI within 19 weeks.
The negative implications a phishing attack can have on a brands image can harm customer and client relations. With the threat of spoofing eliminated, users will have more trust in the business, leading to an increase in recommendation and sales. Further still, OnDMARC simplifies cybersecurity and allows businesses more time to focus on other areas, making them more productive and increasing overall efficiency.
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