ExaGrid Reseller Partner Program
Vendor Channel Program of the Year
Entry Description
The ExaGrid Reseller Partner Program offers a strong deal registration program for a product with a highly competitive win rate. The program is designed to be easy for partners, with support from the ExaGrid sales team and without milestone commitments. ExaGrid is known for having a Tiered Backup Storage system that ‘just works’ and provides its customers with stellar customer support from an assigned level 2 engineer, ensuring that partners’ customers are well taken care of. ExaGrid provides generous Meeting Maker and SPIFF incentives to its partners in the ExaGrid Reseller Partner Program.

ExaGrid Reseller Partner Program at a Glance:
• No certification training required
• No inventory requirements
• No sales milestones
• Marketing events programs to generate leads
• Strong deal registration program – high margins
• Meeting maker incentives
• New customer SPIFFs
• ExaGrid does the heavy lifting for sales and support
• High competitive win rate
• Product that just works
• Strong customer support with happy customers
• Strong customer repeat business as data grows
• Maintenance and support renewals through the reseller
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