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IPification – Mobile Authentication Remastered. No credentials, No Tokens. Farewell to unsafe SMS OTPs, header enrichment, or biometric solutions such as face and fingerprint scans. With IPification, unparalleled level of security is created with a single tap.

IPification is building the backbone of mobile authentication of today and tomorrow. By verifying mobile devices, SIM cards & phone numbers via IP addresses, the patented technology developed by IPification is enabling safer mobile user authentication, phone verification, and fraud prevention solutions, whilst maintain the highest level of user experience.

Readily available across numerous countries and regions, IPification is trusted by the leading technology, payment, and OTT companies worldwide.

In the mobile first digital age, mobile users demand a FAST and SEAMLESS mobile authentication solution. Mobile network operators and digital service providers also need a secure solution to authenticate their customers whilst maintaining a seamless user experience.

Sadly, online privacy is often compromised through existing authentication services such as SMS one time password and biometrics verification. Everyone in the ecosystem seek an authentication factor which will not require sensitive data to be shared to the third parties.

IPification revolutionises mobile authentication and enhances users experience without compromising security and privacy. IPification can verify phone number, SIM and device via IP addresses. It is the first, and the one of a kind seamless authentication technology based on secure protocol.

In terms of security, user experience and privacy, IPification offers a massive advantage over the commonly used SMS one-time PIN and header enrichment. With IPification, online service providers ranging from banking apps, streaming apps, email service providers, social networks, online gaming platforms and so forth will have the capability to uplift their user experience through a hassle-free user flow, whilst enhancing the security of their service with our top-notch security protocol and standards. For instance, they can offer use zero-tap, passwordless mobile authentication for smooth user registration and login process, and varieties of fraud prevention products, including SIM swap protection.

IPification seamlessly authenticates the mobile users based on their Public IP address while the users are “on-net”. Though changes of Public IP (and port values) on the user’s side could be frequent, IPification is still always able to identify and resolve all those different IP addresses changes.

IPification aims to respond to the ever-growing challenges of mobile security that arise from SIM Swapping, the change of mobile numbers and detection of accurate changes to Devices. We are introducing a unique method for creating a Mobile ID that would not require any subsequent, additional examination and/or verification, in any of the above-mentioned examples.

Our bullet-proof security and privacy protection are created with a unique Mobile ID. IPification is using proprietary technology to create a unique Mobile ID by hashing several key telecom network-related information embedded on every SIM card such as MSISDN, IMSI and IMEI. These values can detect any sensitive changes related to the SIM card or device.

The Service URI is another crucial element of the Mobile ID. Combining with the above-mentioned SIM card based values, it ensures the Mobile ID created will be unique on the service level. By doing so, it will be virtually impossible to track the user across digital touch-points (most often for, but not limited to, marketing and advertising purposes). Therefore, users’ privacy can be completely safeguarded.

As an operation system “OS” and device-agnostic solution, IPification can instantly authenticate users based on the public IP address without taking any unreliable data and parameters from the app and device that can be spoofed by the hackers.

HTTPS is the new standard of the internet, and so the existing and insecure authentication methods including header enrichment and plain HTTP protocol will soon become obsolete. Furthermore, both Apple and Google are going to ban all HTTP requests coming from Android and iOS apps.

Therefore, the patented IPification technology can address all these challenges and trends. Moreover, it offers a powerful tool for mobile network operators to stand against the competition such as biometrics, social networks, AI, and so forth.

Market Competition: who are our competitors?
Companies providing Biometric solutions, SMS 2-factor authentication, third party authenticator apps, header enrichment and so forth.

IPification is currently the ONLY vendor for Telecom based solution (GMID box) which enables them with the seamless and secure authentication capabilities. IPification needed more than three years of building a robust platform and collecting the necessary know-how (learning by doing). Therefore it is tough for the new entrants to try to replicate this, regardless of the challenger size.

Sales cycles with Telecom operators are very long, so once any agreement is in place, it is an arduous and lengthy process for similar vendors to acquire/offer the same service directly.

And most importantly, the IPification solution is protected by patent:
HK (1248463)
US (15928348)
UK (1803719.2)

IPification is putting in place TWO commercial models with every MNO based on the responsibilities of each party in the ecosystem:

Business Model #1:
Serve as the full solution provider for both Telecoms and Merchants / Service Providers (IPification AAS). IPification provides the fully managed service (responsible for both GMID™ Box deployment and maintenance & service providers signing). In this case, IPification is signing the agreement and receiving the revenue per transaction from the Service Provider and forwards MNO’s revenue part.

Two pricing model available for Merchants:
- per authentication request
- per Mobile ID / daily & monthly

Business Model #2
IPification as a technical enabler for GMID™ BOX. In this case, MNO is signing the agreements directly with the Service Providers (or Authentication providers) and collects the full revenue per successful authentication. In this case, IPification receives just the standard fee per each transaction going through GMID™ BOX.

With IPification integrated, mobile operators will be able to address the existing challenges of today’s ever-growing digital user identity and authentication market. They can become a major authentication player in a new digital ecosystem by offering a highly secure and seamless user authentication service.

We aim to empower mobile operators to re-establish themselves in the digital value chain and help them to bring back their power through new revenue streams, strong partnerships with top technology companies and innovative services offered to their subscribers.

IPification authentication method is suitable to be used by many different customer segments in the given country for:
- App / Mobile Web developers - to increase conversion rates thanks to seamless user journey during registration and login, increased number of transactions and a higher level of user experience
- Banks and Fintech companies - to enhance security measures, transaction confirmations and robust authentication
- Corporations - to match employees’ mobility and data security, making workforce mobile, trusted remote access to working tools
- Government - to reduce administration cost and time frames, enabling digital IDs (both eID and mID) with smooth and secure user authentication

Besides, mobile network service subscriber (users) are also benefiting from IPification by:
- Peace of mind, having their Privacy fully protected
- Being provided with the highest level of online security (trust with the mobile network operators and service provider can also be enhanced)
- Drive new service adoption, upsell, conversion by providing them with the most convenient login/registration method

Strong collaboration is needed among all the stakeholders in today’s digital economy to drive higher user acceptance and more significant adoption of operator-based services and APIs among app and website developers.

IPification is establishing prospective partnerships with mobile network operators (MNOs), assisting them in bringing this authentication service to all their subscribers and above-mentioned service providers on the markets where the MNO operates.

IPification brings the following benefits to different market players:

1. A new revenue stream.
IPification is a new and secure technology leveraging mobile-network technical capabilities that have never been commercialised. With IPification, operators can gain a brand-new revenue stream as they will receive a fee for each successful IPification API call (authentication) payable by the service providers.

Moreover, with the zero-rating IPification auth URL for mobile data access (for zero-rated services and campaigns such as WhatsApp, Viber, LinkedIn etc.), network operators can also expand their service reach and open new ways to monetise pre-paid subscribers with no credit or airtime left via the seamless authentication fee service providers are paying for.

2. The central role in the digital ecosystem and mobile identity market.
For 2FA and MFA providers, it has always been challenging to strike a balance between security and the user experience (UX). IPification has a perfect blend of high-security and UX, making it a unique solution that will offer operators a central role in the mobile identity arena.

3. Enhancing security and brand image.
By offering a fully secure and seamless authentication to service providers, network operators can display their commitment to keeping subscribers safe, thus increasing the brand image and the lifetime user value.

4. A solution for 5G and IoT
With the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the arrival of 5G, users will be more dependent on their mobile devices and app. Therefore, IPification can forge a seamless and secure mobile internet experience with operators and contribute to the smart city transformation as well.

More details about IPification and our solution can be found here: https://www.ipification.com/media/for-awards-organisers.pdf
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