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Data Security/Compliance Innovation of the Year
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With ever-increasing concerns for cloud security encountered daily, even private cloud is still cloud – thus securing private, hybrid, and public clouds is a struggle for IT Admins. Password policies, termination of idle sessions, and protecting customer data – across multiple locations – are just a few areas where complexity can reach painful and costly levels.

Runecast Analyzer solves this by providing automated checks against best practices and security hardening guidelines for VMware and AWS, as well as for specific security standards such as CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI DSS, DISA STIG, HIPAA, and Germany's BSI IT-Grundschutz, with more checks added regularly to the analyzer’s capabilities. Designed to operate fully on-premises, Runecast can even analyze virtualized hybrid-cloud environments – and it functions fully offline (even with offline-capable weekly updates) – so sensitive data never has to leave the site.

In terms of security, no other software platform provides proactive (predictive, automated) ‘audit-readiness’ checks (with granular reporting) against so many security standards and best practices – doing in seconds what is humanly impossible by highlighting for IT Admins the precise risks that need to be addressed before they can cause mission-critical problems. In a press release about Runecast Analyzer being certified by CIS® (Center for Internet Security, Inc.) Benchmarks™, Runecast CEO Stanimir Markov stated, “Our customers report increased uptime, 100% audit-readiness for security compliance, and as much as 80% operational-time savings.”

Forward-focused organizations already using Runecast Analyzer to mitigate service risks and ensure maximum uptime and security within their data centers include (among many others): Chevron, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, de Volksbank, Fujisoft, Scania, Avast Software, the NHS, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). As no other solution can do what Runecast Analyzer can do, market share is strong especially within verticals where total on-site security is a major concern. This includes financial and banking, government, defense, public, healthcare, and education verticals. Runecast Analyzer is used everywhere from home labs and small businesses to large applications for mission-critical operational stability – for example, on submarines, for air-traffic control, and for space missions.
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