Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs
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Managed Services Provider Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
* What is novel?
Released this year, Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs is purpose-built for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It enables them to back up files on thousands of on-premise and roaming endpoints, such as Windows desktops and laptops, across multiple customers. MSPs can centrally manage backups and restore files through a multi-tenant online console, on a monthly subscription.
No binding contracts apply: MSPs pay per endpoint per month, with the flexibility of adding and removing endpoints, and can set their own pricing. Award-winning, 24/7 support – with an average call response of 22 seconds – is included. MSPs can also provide backup storage services from their own Azure account as another revenue stream.

* How does it break with conventional ideas or processes? Three key reasons:
1) This is a new product that allows MSPs to help their customers and save their bacon by backing up files on their on-premises and roaming network desktops and laptops, an area that is often overlooked, resulting in a data protection gap.
The reasoning behind this:
Much of the work within a business or organization is conducted on these network PCs and laptops. Yet, despite companies' best efforts to ensure that their information is stored on their network servers or in the cloud, end users often only save files on their desktops and laptops instead. Should any of these be lost, stolen or damaged, or should their user delete any data, businesses and organizations need a way to access and restore that data.

MSPs therefore must be able to back up their customers' on-premise and roaming endpoints as a managed service, to provide them with increased data protection across their entire network.
2) Additionally, Altaro has chosen to provide MSPs with the ability to back up 10 of their own endpoints for free, forever - no strings attached. This not-for-resale Free Edition will enable them to take advantage of its benefits in their own organization at no cost.
3) But the innovation goes beyond that:
With Altaro EndPint Backup for MSPs, Altaro now provides AMSPs with a one-stop-shop for their backup needs, giving them various backup solutions on a monthly subscription. But there’s more to it than that Altaro is the only vendor that enables MSPs to manage and monitor different kinds of backups – like VMs, Office 365, physical servers and endpoints – across all their customers from a single pane of glass, simplifying their life.
This is possible through Altaro’s ground-breaking, multi-tenant online management console, a powerhouse for MSPs, which also provides centralized billing, with one convenient monthly invoice for the various backup services used by different customers.
MSPs can pick and choose which backup services to provide to provide per customer, benefiting from flexibility and cost savings, and can scale as needed. There are no binding contracts. MSPs pay per usage and set their own pricing. Award-winning 24/7 support, with an average call response of 22 seconds, is included.

* How does it go beyond marginal improvements?
This is a brand-new product offering, launched this year – it is another product in Altaro’s suite of robust backup solutions for MSPs; but it is a standalone offering. An MSP can subscribe to any or all of the solutions in Altaro’s MSP program and can choose which to apply to which customer of theirs.

* How do customers benefit?
Altaro’s customer here is the MSP. Managed Service Providers can enjoy these benefits with the Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs subscription program:
• Multi-tenancy – Manage and monitor all customer endpoint backups through a single pane of glass, through our ground-breaking multi-tenant online management console.
• Pay as you go – Pay per endpoint. No biding contracts: minimum starter pack of up to 10 endpoints per month across all your customers. Scale to thousands of endpoints.
• Data storage – Set up your own MS Azure storage account to save customer backups to. Bill each customer for storage used.
• Recurring revenue – Charge your customers a monthly recurring fee for backups, your services and storage used.
What’s in it for the MSP:
• Unbeatable value: Starting at a low entry point per endpoint per month, with the ability to set your own pricing; scale up and down as needed.
• Low monthly requirements: Minimum monthly starting subscription of up to 10 endpoints.
• No annual commitment: You may stop at any time: Others require single or multi-year contracts.
• 24/7 support - 'Best in the IT industry': 22-second average call pickup, instant live chat. Speak directly with an expert; no tier 1 agents or gatekeepers.
• Free for your own internal use – Back up 10 of your own endpoints per month for free.
• One-stop backup shop with central management – Choose which backup services to provide per customer and manage their different kinds of backups – VMs, Office 365, physical servers, endpoints – from a single pane of glass. An industry first!
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