NinjaOne Unified IT Management Platform
Data Security/Compliance Project of the Year
Entry Description
Tangible outcomes of the project
Over the past five months, Focus IT Managed Services have had a 25% increase of the amount of endpoints, growing from approximately 1600 to 2000, they have added 10 new customers and welcomed three new technicians. Since switching to NinjaOne, they’ve had more incoming customers than ever before.

The Driving Force Behind the Project
At the start of this year, Focus IT Managed Services were looking for a tool that could help automate a lot more of their processes and thereby remove manual work that slows down both their end users as well as their own technical staff. The project was set up to find and implement a solution that would be easy to use, create more time to add value to their business and would allow them to grow while keeping the high level of service to their customers.

The solution they had in place was an RMM which used its own scripting language which would require substantial time of the staff to learn. So the solution they were looking to implement had to be easy to use and easy to learn for new hires. Furthermore, the speed of the current platform was slowing down as they grew their business and added more endpoints to manage. Thirdly, Focus at the time were using an on-premise solution which required them to spend time themselves to manage the infrastructure and also the solution they had in place was lacking options for alerting staff that was out of hours or not on the helpdesk itself.

Focus IT Managed Services is an MSP that specialises in security and therefore needs a solution that helps keeping their customers secure and makes it easy to ensure their client’s machines are running the latest and safest versions of the software available and have their security software installed.

Driving Innovation and Compliance
The team at Focus chose to implement NinjaOne’s unified IT Management platform because the automation in the tool was simple to learn and yet well-equipped to free the time of the technical staff at Focus to work on strategic projects by decreasing the ticket volume.

Tasks that took hours a week like patch management and simple repetitive tasks were easy to script and run reliably. At the moment the team at Focus, for example, doesn’t spend time on freeing disk space. The automation runs multiple scripts as soon as the ‘free disk space’ drops below a specified parameter. This automatically creates a ticket, documenting the task, and next it auto-remediates the issue by running the scripts for freeing disk space. After they have run, it checks if the problem is solved and closes the ticket when this has been the case.

The team at Focus has since the completion of the project grown to a total of 15 people, adding three new technicians in the last five months. The growth has never been this fast and the associate director ascribes the short learning curve of NinjaOne to be a growth lever for the company. In addition, the team was also very pleased to find out that NinjaOne doesn’t charge anything for onboarding, training or implementation.

Unlike their previous solutions, NinjaOne is a 100% cloud based solution. And because of that there is little need for the technicians at Focus to spend time on keeping their IT management tool well managed and up-to-date. This time is now spent on their client’s needs.

The Patch Management Engine in NinjaOne has proven to be very reliable and has enabled Focus to increase their patch compliance now to 99,5%. Which is a statistic they are proud to be able to share as a security focused MSP. The team no longer has to spend hours to check whether machines have been patched successfully. The monitoring tool does the heavy lifting here and also enabled the team to report on things they couldn’t easily report on before. For example showing the devices that have bitlocker disabled for a client is now a matter of seconds and is very easy to do. This has transformed from something that was a far more complex and manual task for team previously.

At Focus, this project has caused the team to change the way they work in more than one way. Not only is the ticket volume much lower, also the flexibility the team gained from having access to their tool on mobile devices made a positive impact on their workflow. Because of the NinjaOne App, technicians now can receive notifications on their phone and tablets when something happens and can resolve issues even when they are not at the help desk.

The Challenges
The project of implementing an IT management tool that is going to touch so many sides of the business for an MSP is one that you don’t undertake without a good reason and before you have assessed all the possible risks and challenges. The team at Focus shares that it's always going to be a question of: "Is it going to be painful to implement?"

The team at Focus first set up a trial environment of the NinjaOne platform and tested whether the platform was as reliable as promised. During the trial the product basically sold itself and the team at Focus reported they were pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the account management team as well the support team at NinjaOne.

The team shared: “In terms of our implementation of it, we didn't find it difficult to implement it at all. In about three weeks we were completely done and had rolled out the system to all our customers.”