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Excellence in Service Award
Entry Description
At NinjaOne, we believe in transformational not transactional support and we understand and appreciate that MSPs need choices so it’s no surprise that we're rated year after year as the top RMM. In terms of our MSP offering, we provide localised support as well as account management. We’re pleased to reveal that our average first response time is 60 minutes, and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer support. What’s more, our support team is not just US based, we have a full support team for EMEA which is how we achieve the high level of support and speed.

From the beginning, we’ve acknowledged that MSPs operate best when they have flexibility and the option to build the right stack that works best for them, without being locked into a particular ecosystem. With that in mind, we’ve had a continuous commitment to building best-in-class integrations with other channel-leading software, including Autotask, ITGlue, Brightgauge, and others. What’s more, our Global SVP of Strategy and Support, Michael Shelton, and SVP of Account Management, Armando Najera, can stop any release from happening to ensure a positive customer experience. We can also report that we have a - < 1% monthly account churn.

Our vision was to evolve from a single product to a multi-product company. For this reason, in addition to our remote monitoring solution, we released NinjaOne Documentation and NinjaOne backup. We’ve received outstanding feedback and a CSAT score of 98 for our customer support overall. NinjaOne’s customer success team strives to build substantial and long-lasting relationships, starting from day one. Our free and unlimited onboarding service makes getting up and running quick and easy.

When a client speaks to someone at NinjaOne, they can guarantee they will be connected with an extremely knowledgeable, friendly NinjaOne team member straight away. What’s more, if a customer service member does not have the answer, due to the way that the business is structured, it is very easy for that engineer to access the right person and resources to get the answers that are required. Most queries are wrapped up on the same day that a ticket is opened, which means we can expedite and speed up repairs with customers.

We’re proud to be able to receive such positive feedback from customers, such as David Jamieson, Managing Director at Vital Service - “Do not be afraid to ask for help. The strength from our point of view is, there are benefits to having Ninja as a product, but at the same time the real benefit is in the relationship. That is something we cannot replace. That is the real benefit of Ninja.”

The NinjaOne training team’s ongoing mission is to provide valuable technical advice and marketing materials to aid you as you grow your business. We provide resources through various mediums that make not only the onboarding and troubleshooting process intuitive and seamless, but help you make the most of your RMM.

In all of our actions, the channel is always in focus and we are specifically pursuing a channel-first strategy. For this reason, we also regularly revise our constantly growing channel partner program. Always with the aim of offering our channel partners the best possible support. Over the past few years, we have become an industry leader, winning ever larger deals and steadily increasing our MSP market share. In the process, we have almost doubled our headcount from 250 to 400.

Our Unified IT Management Platform helps consolidate and centralise your IT management with 100% natively integrated solutions. Every NinjaOne module interacts natively with the entire platform, giving rich contextual visibility into end-user requests, endpoint health, and network security. What’s more, NinjaOne enables work from anywhere, giving you unparalleled visibility into and control over all your IT assets without the need for on-prem servers or end-user VPNs.

In addition, we’ve always given MSPs the option to avoid long-term contracts and commitments by paying month-to-month if they prefer.

As we grow, we remain deeply committed to the channel, and one thing partners can expect to see from us moving forward is even more involvement in the community. We’ve made strategic hires dedicated to it, and we’re enjoying more and more community collaboration on both internal and external efforts.

We knew that MSPs and IT staff needed tightly integrated, unified tools that were easy to use yet powerful enough to handle almost any task. That's why we designed every product in NinjaOne to leverage a centralised endpoint management platform to enable automation and scalability.