Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll Solution
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About Zalaris
Zalaris are a comprehensive, market-leading HR & payroll services and technology supplier specialising in providing transactional business services supported by a single, cloud-based, global solution.

At Zalaris, our mission is to simplify HR and payroll administration and empower our customers with useful information so that they can invest more in their people. Our values bind us together as one company, shaping how we behave towards each other, our customers, and our partners across the markets we serve. We believe that everyone matters and that the best results are achieved not by being the best in the team but by bringing the best out of your team.

What is Novel about the Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll Solution?
Zalaris offer a single platform covering the entire HR and payroll “Hire-to-Retire” process, providing a single global source of truth. The Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution allows customers to process multicounty payroll through one solution. It provides a unified, consistent experience regardless of industry, size, population construct and geography.
The solution is considered a tier-one software, yet Zalaris are indiscriminate of company size. The software supports a broad demographic of customers ranging from single-country three hundred employee companies to global three hundred thousand employee companies. The solution has been carefully designed to support even the most complex processes and requirements with minimal training to use. The solution is highly intuitive and workflow-oriented, supporting role-based authorisation and access levels.
The Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution has integration capabilities that enable connectivity to any third-party solutions. These automated integrations utilise push technology, not manual file transfer, allowing customers to enjoy the solution’s flexibility to accommodate their needs. This can be hugely beneficial to ensuring legal compliance across any geography.
Zalaris also supports its customers by offering to spread the implementation cost across the length of the project to protect its customers’ capital expenditure (cap-ex) and by offering the option to TUPE staff who would be made redundant.
How does the product break conventional ideas? How does it go beyond marginal improvements?
The Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution breaks conventional ideas by offering a single HR and payroll solution covering the entire “Hire-to-Retire” process, resolving the challenges of relying on fragmented solutions and processes within one organisation across multiple sites or countries. This approach allows for greater visibility across an entire multicounty organisation, providing accurate, holistic data to inform better decision-making. The solution is entirely cloud-based, breaking the convention of organisations using and maintaining outdated, on-premise solutions.
The Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution goes beyond marginal improvements by automating 98.7% of processing. This automation profoundly improves accuracy and reduces human error rates, unlike conventional solutions, which rely heavily on manual efforts to produce payroll output. Furthermore, by using a single streamlined solution, Zalaris can extract data in its purest form, and report on any aspect of the data with perfect accuracy. Additionally, because Zalaris uses the solution internally, Zalaris employees are incentivised to provide feedback and recommendations for improvements. This feedback, along with feedback from customers, helps to continuously evolve and improve the solution by creating additional capabilities to adapt to new demand. These updates are constantly being rolled out, all free of charge for customers to use and enjoy.

How do customers benefit?
The benefits to the customer are abundant, but perhaps the single most important benefit is the assurance that excellent rates of accuracy in payroll, finance and reporting is guaranteed every time. Ensured due to the removal of massive amounts of manual effort and inefficiency processing HR and payroll information. Moreover, the Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution is cheaper than running an on-premise solution in-house. By leveraging the solution, it enables the customer to reduce the back-office costs of supporting a potentially inefficient, outdated, in-house solution and reinvest money back into their core business. The Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution also has the flexibility to adapt to new requirements as the company evolves and grows over time.
The Zalaris Cloud HR and Payroll solution is one of the most secure solutions globally. It is trusted by major international organisations, including banking institutions, which require the highest levels of assurance. Customers can also be sure the system is always legally compliant, as Zalaris’s specialist staff work diligently to ensure this is the case. Zalaris has been operating for over 20 years and has a pool of over one thousand HR and payroll technology experts available when a customer requires them. It is like having an international department of over one thousand people who can be called upon for their expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, Zalaris operate under a service level agreement with the customer and offer service credit availability in the rare cases where a service level agreement is breached.
Zalaris also offer local service management supported by local Zalaris teams present in the country where the client is based. This localisation is not only to provide people who can speak the local language but who are physically present in that localation because they typically have the greatest depth of knowledge in local practices and legislation. The system also eliminates hours of training time as it is intuitive to use.

Zalaris Key Differentiators
Zalaris are big enough to scale and small enough to care and have a strong focus on its “Know Your Customer” process. This process ensures that customers feel we are a department within their business rather than a service provider. Zalaris’ large global presence drives scalability so that customers can be supported with large employee numbers. As Zalaris customers grow, they continue to reap the benefits of using a single technology platform across all operating countries. Zalaris are committed to always having a local presence where its customers are, supporting processes requiring local knowledge, and further enhancing its global service capabilities. Zalaris has achieved a Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +50 compared to an industry average of +30, which alone proves that the Zalaris HR and Payroll Cloud solution goes above and beyond the industry standard.
Zalaris endeavours to improve on this technology by adding intuitive enhancements. Previous significant enhancements have included an interactive portal, a mobile solution, and an electronic document archiving solution capable of managing GDPR-regulated documents. Zalaris’ system operates with 98.7% automation and seamless integration to core HR systems and third-party applications. Zalaris’ multi-client cloud infrastructure is an easily integrated solution with zero system downtime for the payroll platform, underpinning efficient operations, scale, access to innovations, and cost benefits. Best practices around legislation, compliance and data security are at the heart of Zalaris’ solution and transactional practices. This added assurance of maintaining compliance within the Zalaris solutions is always at zero cost to the customer.
Zalaris work with all its customers to create flexible commercial and operating models to suit their needs. This flexibility has included measures such as reducing the upfront investment needed to begin their HR transformations or adapting the service delivery models to meet specific requirements. No matter the size or level of support, all customer projects taken on by Zalaris UK receive pro-bono executive sponsorship from a member of the Zalaris UK senior leadership team.
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