CloudCover K8
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
CloudCover K8 is built on Kasten technology and was developed to help organisations confidently run their applications on Kubernetes. It is is a born in the cloud/Cloud Native data management platform that integrates with all major Kubernetes distributions both on-premise and within leading Hyperscalers, including AWS and Azure.

Although Kubernetes provides enterprise organisations with the high availability, mobility, and scalability of application services, these benefits do not automatically extend to the data. Without the right protection in place, Enterprise organisations are leaving themselves at risk of data loss from application failures, insider attacks, cyber-security threats.
Designed for enterprise DevOps teams, using Cloud native architectural principles, CloudCover K8 provides a simple, scalable and secure system for backup and restoration, application mobility and disaster recovery.

Not only does CloudCover K8 provide backup of data and the ability to recover to the source platform, it also allows mobility to the numerous aforementioned targets, across public and private clouds, on and off-premise. This is achieved by treating the containers as an entire application, with configurations, rather than bits and bytes.

Without a Kubernetes backup solution in place, critical data is at risk from within the Kubernetes application. In addition to protecting this data, CloudCover K8 also provides Enterprise operations teams with the following:

Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Application specific protection: Extend workflows and protect applications around business priorities.
• Complete application protection: Automatically capture and protect an entire application stack.
• Policy based protection: Manage backups at scale and apply policies to auto-discovered applications.
• Ransomware protection: Backup data off-site with immutability.
• Automated imports and restorations: Automatically import and restore application changes to save time and ensure complete up-to-date protection.

Application mobility
• Avoid vendor lock in: Seamlessly move applications across public and private Cloud Infrastructures and reduce egress and ingress fees.
• Automated workflows: Easily migrate applications with scheduled, on-demand workflows. Avoid the need for custom scripting.
• Isolated environments: Provide the migration between non-federated clusters for environment isolation and operational controls.