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Entry Description
The client is a global multinational mining company headquartered in London. It is among world's largest producer of platinum, as well as being a major producer of diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore and metallurgical and thermal coal.

The engagement:
HCL is providing customer end-to-end Infrastructure, End User Computing (EUC), and Cloud services. The strategic partnership between the two companies has been performing, constantly evolving and is ahead of the industry in maturity (more mature than peers in the mining and heavy manufacturing industry). HCL and the customer have made significant progress towards the Digital Workplace of the Future. Key snapshot below:
o HCL scope covers EUC support, EUX remodeling strategy and target operating model.
o Standard operational metrics are matured and reported through self service and manual dashboards.
o Digital literacy is maturing for office workers
o User personas have been defined and service personalization has been implemented for end user services based on user roles and access privileges
o ITSM processes and service catalogue are standardized and matured
o Global standardized platforms have been deployed for UC, Collaboration, Self-service, and automation of ITSM
o Workstream collaboration, unified communication and knowledge management capabilities and technologies are enabled through global platforms such as cloud office suite
o HCL is leading continuous service improvement through technology automation and introduction of best practices from its global experience

Key Technology Priorities:
• Establishing regional service desk with English as operating language for providing support to UK & Ireland and rest of Europe
o Scope of service operations to cover client’s permanent employees, contractors, vendors, and Remote users/ mobile users
o Channels of communication to be Web, Phone, Chat, and E-mail
o Service deck to operate 8x5 local business hours London and UK and stand by support for off business hours

• A three-tiered service desk to facilitate best end-user satisfaction and better resolution
o Service Desk operation
o GAM (Global Account Management)
o Remote Desktop Operations

• Tools investment
o ITSM and Chat tools
o Self-service Password re-set tools
o All other infrastructure tools like access to Active Directory, SCCM, Office 365 etc. to enable support
o For reporting – MyXnalytics and ITSM reporting functions
o Telecom infrastructure – IP phones, DID procurements, Headsets, Laptops, Network, IVR, ACD

• Communication methodology
o Communication to business on any changes in the service desk operations
o Communication to business on any changes in the service desk communication channels

• Knowledge transfer
o Transition of knowledge from India desk to UK desk
o Sign off on the updated run book as per new scope

HCL Solutions:
WorkBlaze is HCL’s digital end user experience monitoring tool equipped with AIOps, real-time workplace analytics to spot trends and correlate, remediate issue before they are widespread, and gather contextual user feedback to enhance employee experience and productivity. It provides a unique User Experience index (UEI) across devices, applications, and network to bring proactiveness in the ecosystem and reduce the IT-user gap.

Embracing the COVID challenge:
With the advent of 2020 businesses hurriedly went into a complete remote work model in a matter of weeks. The pandemic drastically changed the ways of working. HCL helped the customer solidify their digital workplace strategy and brought out many initiatives to support business continuity of the customer while safeguarding the workforce.
Proactive monitoring and auto ticketing - Case in point was on site support teams, who were needed to be physically present to support end-user issues and requests. WorkBlaze facilitated ‘Auto Tickets’ creation for on-site support groups based on device alerts from WorkBlaze. This program was rolled out for 100+ VVIP user devices as this user group needed personalized support. Threshold of each device alert was defined, and auto tickets were routed to location based SFO.
These personalized services helped bridge the gap during locked down and onsite teams were also utilized efficiently.

Device information display – During lockdown end user reach outs to remote support teams increased 3 to 5-fold. Majority of these queries were around mandatory software like VPN or admin installations etc. The remote users however struggled to share mandate information like IP address or device names with remote support teams. This activity was taking up to 10 minutes. WorkBlaze solved the problem by displaying mandate information on desktops so users could share the information within seconds.

Performance and device experience – Unnecessary applications at the Start Up menu were leading to extended device logon duration and thus were resulting in poor experience. WorkBlaze auto heal action automatically selected and disabled those applications which should not be enabled at Start Up menu.

Service desk empowerment – WorkBlaze integration to ServiceNow led to tremendous improvement in service desk performance due to WorkBlaze remote heal features. For any impacted configuration item information from WorkBlaze was pulled including all device health information which was then displayed to support agents. The information also included recommended resolutions/fixes. All this helped in isolating issues/ stage containment of issues i.e. resolving issues at L1 stage which would have otherwise gone to L2/L3 stages. The end results were fewer service desk tickets creation, faster resolution, and lower cost of solving issues.

End User feedbacks – Elaborate and comprehensive campaigns were designed in WorkBlaze to capture end-user feedbacks. Execution of these feedback gathering campaigns helped uncover some key operational issues.
• Battery health issue: Battery health issues were spotted using WorkBlaze feedback campaigns. The increasing trends alarmed WorkBlaze monitoring about underlying issues. This was also in correlation with our proactive batter monitoring remote actions. WorkBlaze team further investigated devices under warranty, and these were later picked with vendor for replacement.
• Printer issue: End user feedback trends also alarmed monitoring team about printer issues which were not visible among Incidents. The team proactively picked this trend for investigation and underlying global printer issue was identified.

Compliance posture - Local Admin identities were created on End users' devices which earlier were not even targeted by GPO due to conflicting policies, WorkBlaze remote action automatically disable all local identities from customer devices, this remote action has resulted in improvement on your Security Compliance trend.

Break away from the pack: Tailored initiatives/projects

Live Chat - HCL’s end-to-end AI enabled cognitive virtual assistance solution- Lucy. A unified one stop shop for all end-user queries (IT, Travel, HR, procurement, finance, & all others) providing a single source of truth. It is made available on web and both desktop and mobile versions of MSTeams for customer employees. It mimics human interactions, learns, and adapts to user needs through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise-grade Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). As it understands users’ profiles, personas, job roles etc., it provides tailored & dynamic responses, thus becoming a single point of contacts for end users.
An important note here is that any standard self-service bot (A ‘Tell Bot’) is trained on Frequently Asked Questions and provides Standard Operating Procedure. The onus remains on users to understand and follow the steps to complete a task. On the other hand, our solution’s integration with various applications and its natural language processing abilities provides it sense and act abilities (A ‘Do Bot’).
Take an example when Lucy encounters users’ queries like why their computer is slow. Lucy is integrated with HCL’s end user experience monitoring solution WorkBlaze. It interacts with WorkBlaze, analyses user computer performance data and checks user experience score, diagnoses the problem and basis user persona & job role, provides recommended actions. Once user confirms, Lucy performs these actions to resolve issues. Lucy has been trained for over 5 years on 500+ IT and non-IT use cases, so it works as an out of the box solution which can be implemented very quickly.
Additionally, in some specific cases where Lucy is unable to assist the end user, it offers the option to the user to instantly transfer the chat to a Service Desk agent or create a ticket in Service Now.

IAutomate – It helps automate end user IT Operations like User on-boarding, off-boarding account modifications, mailing list creation and updates etc. In customer
environment, Service Requests, Scheduled Tasks, adhoc Bulk modification or creation requests and Incidents are handled via IAutomate.
The tool automatically executes the Runbook based on the Service Request received and resolves ticket post notifying end user. In case of failure ticket is transferred to Service Desk queue for further checks. The system is ‘continuously learning’ and customizable as per requirements.

VVIP Red Button/ Dedicated Executive Support – There was a need for a dedicated support for top customer executives, the need got intensified during the pandemic driven remote work as employees moved away from office.
The app is deployed on Microsoft Teams connecting VVIPs to dedicated Support immediately with a single click along with option of scheduling a call back at desired time. This app is also integrated with ServiceNow to create ticket for dedicated VVIP Support Group.
A highly skilled workforce capable of handling all types of end user issues is tasked to handle VVIPs in UK, through emergency support app in Power Apps Virtual Agent.

Other Initiatives:
• Reduced software crashes: Compattlerunner.exe was used in windows telemetry. This started crashing since windows’ 19 upgrade. This was fixed using patch provided by Microsoft after logging ticket. Post this software stability score improved by 52%
• BoxSync to OneDrive migration: performance of existing solution was compared to new solution to capture app performance and other issues. Memory usages was seen increasing in devices using OneDrive post migration from BoxSync.
• Disabled Skype addon and conversation history: Skype Addons degrade Outlook performance, hence WorkBlaze auto heal solution disabled all Skype addons automatically from end user devices.
• AOVPN and Pulse VPN comparison: DEX scores for both solutions were compared to ascertain impact of VPN on overall user experience. AO VPN performance was dropping while Pulse VPN was seen improving

Measuring Outcomes
To measure the value in terms of End User Experience, new KPI’s designed and onboarded, End User experience divided into four value drivers, Empowerment, Simplicity, Confidence and Satisfaction.
Comprehensive approach to user experience transformation:
1. Empowerment – Educating users with cutting edge knowledge programs and equipping them with tools to become more self-reliant
2. Simplicity – Providing intuitive and user-friendly services which are easy to engage with and use
3. Trust/confidence – Enhancing users’ confidence through assured and timely resolution of issues/ queries/ requests
4. Satisfaction – Constantly meeting users’ expectations of service quality and usefulness

New KPI’s were designed to capture end users' sentiments, tool usage and ticket trends to understand value drivers designed. For example, usage of Self-Service Portal, Shift Left Trends, Proactive Ticketing, Auto heal Results, MTTR and Hop count reduction.
These KPI’s are designed to quantify the value driven out of several initiatives undertaken to Empower End Users.

Contractual SLAs for HCL services are constantly reported as green and trending positive and the governance is observed to be effective by the client
IAutomate reduced turnaround time from 8 hours to less than 10 minutes.
75% of GAM Tasks automated, while EUC Incident closure for Alert tickets is approx. 70% Inc. Closure – 70%
Proactive remote heal led to continuous improvement in DEX score taking it above par with industry standards.
Unique attributes of the engagement
1. Going above and beyond client needs/asks to create industry beating results even during pandemic
2. Solving together – End suer feedbacks through WorkBlaze surveys to unearth issues
3. Taking charge of customer success – VVIP red button enablement
4. Obsessive customer centricity – Live assistance, Experience driven KPIs, XLAs
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