Northern Marine Modernizes Critical Fleet IT Systems With Scale Computing HyperCore and Edge Computing
Scale Computing
Hyper-convergence Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Scale Computing is a market leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions. The company’s SC//Platform and SC//HyperCore edge computing solutions enable organizations around the world to scale their IT infrastructure without compromising performance. SC//HyperCore saves time and valuable resources because the software, servers, and storage are all in a fully integrated platform. The same innovative software and simple user interface power a user’s infrastructure regardless of their hardware configuration. Using patented HyperCore™ technology, the award-winning self-healing platform identifies, reduces, and corrects problems in real-time. SC//HyperCore makes ensuring application uptime easier for IT to manage and for customers to afford. In this particular project, maritime providers can run their critical onboard IT applications with self-healing, automated infrastructure.

Northern Marine Group is a ship management and marine services provider. They provide a full spectrum of ship and offshore management and wide-ranging service solutions for training, travel management, marine supply, ship agency, marine engineering, and offshore catering. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, their diverse fleet of technically managed vessels includes a wide range of tankers, ferries and offshore assets. Each of Northern Marine’s vessels relies on a host of critical applications, such as navigation, crew management, cargo management, accounting, security, maintenance systems, and even digital entertainment systems for the crew. If their onboard internet is intermittent, their navigation will fail, and it will be impossible for a ship’s navigator to chart a course.
Business leaders at Northern Marine were looking to update their IT infrastructure. Specifically they wanted to upgrade existing deployed IT infrastructure onboard their vessels, address intermittent internet connectivity including satellite connectivity and latency, ensure servers remain online and operational with minimal downtime, reduce exposure to expensive en route repairs, and comply with regulatory requirements, all while dealing with no IT personnel onboard.
Replacing or repairing any part of a ship’s onboard operating environment is very complex and can take days to fix depending on the ship’s location. For Northern Marine, highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that was easy to manage was a must, and optimizing operations with self-healing, automated infrastructure for all applications was a critical next step.
Northern Marine deployed Scale Computing SC//HyperCore clusters to run their operations smoothly while at sea, with the first 27 ships deployed in 2019 and 2020. Immediately, the Scale Computing solution offered the following benefits:
SC//HyperCore is easily and quickly deployed and easy to manage
Designed and deployed server cluster to achieve zero downtime
Self-healing, intelligent automation enables IT managers to spend less time on menial tasks; while at sea with intermittent connectivity, the ability to heal without a central brain or IT intervention was critical
Increased productivity and lower TCO
Modular cluster architecture provides instant scalability
Northern Marine immediately noticed enhanced performance and simplified management as soon as the solution was deployed. With the Scale Computing rollout, Northern Marine was able to build a single virtualized server, export it and send it to all of the vessels, saving around four hours per build. Other immediate benefits included:

Simplified and reduced management time
Complete redundancy – always on 24/7
Business continuity
Snapshot replication and backup
Ready for future deployments at sea
90% less time to rebuild: Restoring a system/VM on a vessel, for example after a cyber-attack, takes a fraction of the time, with less hours and stress for crew and shore-based support staff
90% less time to install a Docker application: Installing a new Docker application takes a fraction of the time compared to the same installation on the old Hyper-V environment
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