CSL Router Pro & Broadband
MSP/VAR Cloud Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Today, the connectivity market is flooded with self-managed solutions, often utilising portals. However, in many use cases, such as retail where they have shops full of customers, it’s not viable for companies to self-manage connectivity. CSL Router Pro is unique because its connection is proactively managed and monitored to ensure it provides an always-on service.

CSL offer a fully encrypted broadband service with a secure 4G failover, ideal for critical IoT applications. This broadband service comes with an integrated 4G backup SIM, via CSL Router Pro, to ensure access to and from the system is always available.

This is all provided as part of a fully Managed Service. CSL co-ordinate all services to arrange for the installation of everything on the same day. This includes Broadband, Router and 4G SIM. This also ensures one point of contact for support on all aspects of the solution. Their dedicated team of IoT experts includes Solutions Architects who are responsible for supporting our customers through managed solutions like CSL Router Pro.

With a private network connection with a wide range of superfast upload speeds, CSL ensures enhanced levels of security to manage and protect data associated with critical installations. All variants provide multiple secure network connections, increasing resilience and improving the reliability of the supported applications.
CSL Router Pro & Broadband is the ideal solution for critical applications with high data usage or requirements for constant access, with the benefit of unlimited data transfer or streaming via the private broadband service. It should also be noted that the solution can also offer fixed IP Addresses – public or private to suit any application.
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